That's Entertainment

Take 1, Scene 1

Οfficial premiere for "That's Entertainment", the revolutionary new "anything goes" mix grill column, which is dedicated to the presentation of music (from the present, past or future) that I happen to find «entertaining». But since we are only a few hours away from the 81st annual Oscar awards ceremony let's start with cinema and Oscar winners predictions.

 Movie : Slumdog Millionaire - the only nominated film that I have not seen yet, but  from what I hear and read it deserves the distinction.
Director : Danny Boyle - an opportunity to revisit Trainspotting .
Leading Actor: The favorite is Sean Penn (Milk), but my personal preference is Mickey Rourke from The Wrestler (perhaps his best role ever).
Leading  Actress: Kate Winslet (The Reader) - I agree with the predictions that give her as the undisputed favorite but I must say that I particularly enjoyed the performance of Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married .
Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) - it's locked for obvious reasons.
Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz ( Vicky Cristina Barcelona ) - Penelope does well in Hollywood and she was certainly fun to watch in the Woody Allen film. The outsider is Marisa Tomei for her «revealing» performance in the The Wrestler
Take 2, Scene 2000

And moving on to our main subject, the music entertainment for today comes from the past, namely the start of the 00's, the year 2000. In a recent « Music is my Radar » article Leonidas from Caravel began the Zeros Retrospective and today I will add my preferences for the best albums and songs  from the year 2000, which will give you the opportunity to better understand the sort of music I'm into and what kind of suggestions you are going to get from this column. Let's start with the albums first:

Top 20 Albums of 2000

 1. Stories from the city, stories from the sea - PJ HARVEY
2. Exterminator - PRIMAL SCREAM
3. The unutterable - THE FALL
5. Relationship of command - AT THE DRIVE-IN
6. All hands on the bad one - SLEATER-KINNEY
7. The friends of Rachel Worth - THE GO-BETWEENS
8. The moon and Antarctica - MODEST MOUSE
9. The sophtware slump - GRANDADDY
10. 100 broken windows - IDLEWILD
11. The teaches of Peaches - PEACHES
12. Automatic midnight - HOT SNAKES
13. More light - J MASCIS + THE FOG
14. Good news for modern man - GRANT HART
15. God says no - MONSTER MAGNET
16. Thirteen tales from urban bohemia - THE DANDY WARHOLS
17. Golden lies - MEAT PUPPETS
18. The W - WU-TANG CLAN
19. Got it made - BRASSY
20. Will save us all! - CHICKS ON SPEED

Top 20 Tracks of 2000

1. Good fortune - PJ HARVEY
2. The clock - THE GO-BETWEENS
3. Small thief - ROYAL TRUX
4. Two librans - THE FALL
5. Swastika eyes - PRIMAL SCREAM
6. Fuck the pain away - PEACHES
7. Whiteout - BOSS HOG
8. One armed scissor - AT THE DRIVE-IN
9. Feel good hit of the summer - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
10. Youth decay - SLEATER-KINNEY
11. In particular - BLONDE REDHEAD
12. Nevermind (what was it anyway) - SONIC YOUTH
13. Tiny cities made of ashes - MODEST MOUSE
14. The crystal lake - GRANDADDY
15. Dress sexy at my funeral - SMOG
16. Grumpus - LAMBCHOP
17. Son of Sam - ELLIOTT SMITH
18. Hit the snow - THE AISLERS SET
19. Little discourage - IDLEWILD
20. Canaveral - SHELLAC

Take 3, Scene 1980

Finale with the song of the week and this time it can only be the song that inspired the title of this column, one of the best compositions that Paul Weller wrote for The Jam in 1980 - That's entertainment:


The Jam - That's Entertainment

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