Clint Bahr

Clint Bahr: A new band with known musicians is on the way

An excellent tribute album for a top band like KING CRIMSON, is not something we have so easily nowadays. We talked with Clint Bahr for his participation in it, and...
Clint Bahr

An excellent tribute album for a top band like KING CRIMSON, is not something we have so easily nowadays. We talked with Clint Bahr for his participation in it, and for his future plans. As for his summer holidays in Greece a few years ago? Read below...

1. First of all Clint tell me about the KING CRIMSON tribute,  sounds amazing!  

I was asked by my journalist friend Carsten Agthe if I'd be interested in recording a track for a King Crimson tribute release in Germany. He said, "pick any song from their catalog", so it took me all of a few seconds to choose "One More Red Nightmare" from the "Red" also suited my vocal & bass style perfectly.

From there I asked my old friend Steve Bondy, who was originally TriPod's sound technician...he is a fabulous guitarist as well, and we have a side project called CREME ( which is a Cream tribute band, so that's the band who recorded the Crimson track. Steve being a recording engineer recorded the track "LIVE" in the studio, and both he & I produced.
KC drummer Pat Mastelotto is also a contributor to the CD.
We're extremely happy with the outcome...and they named the CD after our track!

2. Are you working on a new band?

Yes, there's a new quartet in the works... two British players & two American (all known musicians).This is in it's early stages, but will be an amazing band. Recording has started on different continents, and will come together very soon. It's still a bit of a secret as the business isn't settled yet, but the "Prog/Rock" world should be very happy!α

Clint Bahr3. What about your memories from Greece?  I am talking about the gigs & the islands of course!

Well...what can I say, it was my first trip to your beautiful & historic country. My wife Stephanie had been their before and always said I would absolutely love it...she was correct!!!

My friend (drummer) Chris Stassinopoulos booked studio & concert days and we had a wonderful time playing together with his band (great & talented gents). After, Stephanie & I had a quiet week together on Mykonos...true! Upon returning to Athens, we rented a tour guide/car for a two day site seeing excursion.

It was hard to leave, but it all worked out very well as a "fabulous working vacation"...everyone was incredible!

4. Whats going on in New York nowadays?  Can you give us an idea from the sound of the know?

New York City is an incredible city (one of a kind)!
There's a wealth of international culture, both through it's people and it's museum's, galleries, concerts, etc...

But...for Rock & Roll it's pretty pathetic, unless you come to town as a touring act and play proper venues.

5. Your favorite 10 albums?

This is virtually impossible for me to answer, as my listening is extremely eclectic & varied, but here's a small sample (not in any order):

Clint Bahr1) THE BEATLES...Magical Mystery Tour
2) THE WHO...Quadrophenia
3) FRANK SINATRA...Greatest Hits
5) ERIK SATIE...Trois Gymnopedies
6) SIMON & GARFUNKEL...Bookends
8) GEORGE HARRISON...All Things Must Pass
9) MILES DAVIS...Bitches Brew
10 CHEAP TRICK...All Shook Up

6. What about your best 'moment' in the music industry after so many memory if you wish?

Oh, there's sooooooo many "moments".

To give you just one example, I'd have to say being signed to Columbia Records as a young man. But there really are to many high points (and lows)'s a very tough business, but also very rewarding when someone "get's it' or likes what you're doing, if they enjoy it then it's the cherry on the pie!

7. TRIPOD was a fave band of mine... Any chance for a reunion or something in the future?

It was a fave band to me too!
The band split after it's third international tour.
Someone would have to offer a lot of money to get that machine back in action.

8. What about Barack Obama? Is there really a change so far..?

President Obama is a brilliant and sensitive soul. He's inherited a nightmare of problems from the previous "administration" that would sink most men. As for "change", absolutely, this man has done a wonderful and groundbreaking job in his first year and a half in office.
The Republican Party only want to see him fail...hence their total negative responses to anything this man proposes.
I find it disgusting, and bigoted! I wish Barack all the love & success due him and the Democratic Party.

But if a Republican gets back in office, you might have two new residents in your beautiful country!

Clint Bahr
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