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Mobilia :: Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

Took its title from the smallest island of Elizabeth Islands south of Massachusetts, and in complete contrast to the desert island, it is full of life, full of shocking configurations.

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Took its title from the smaller in population and size, nearly deserted island of the cluster of islands known as Elizabeth Islands located south of the state of Massachusetts. In stark contrast to the wilderness of the island, the disc is full of life and is alive and full of gripping formations .


The sporadic, usually, hearings  of parts of their previous album («Yellow House» back in 2006), to be honest, never led me to believe of Grizzly Bear and their ability to ever reach such a high level as they seem to have reached this year with the Veckatimest. It is an album that screams from a distance that has been processed to the last detail, and to say it otherwise, seems to have shed lots of sweat over it in the studio and that nothing but nothing here is left to chance. The rigor and refinement shown by the four gray Bears and undoubtedly have played a large role in the final version of the songs, sound, and finally positioning of the album, more than spontaneity and any raw inspiration, I am very sorry, but has not led to any cold, soulless, heartless and do not know what else, according to musical stereotypes, result. Instead I think it is the main reason for this totally flawless, incredibly addictive and captivating work.


Choral harmonies, orchestrations intoxicating, warm guitars, rotation accuracy and calming vocals, the vocals are the core of the disc are main features that penetrate Veckatimest in its fifty two minutes of life. Slowly burning charm and deliberately sluggish flow, the brilliance of it, become tangible and elusive in distinguishing the signs and require so our commitment, but not to be frightened, at the end will compensate generously and will turn to the stimulatory magnificence.


If you look anatomically it does not make much sense, the fragmented look will distort the whole, but if you insist, take a look at « Southern Point », this full modesty bliss folk jazz fairy tale, with its characteristic tremulous voice that opens the disc. Continue to «Two Weeks», where Victoria Legrand helps in giving a Beach Boys voice color and with the piano punctuating, giving us the most meaningful piece of Veckatimest. Listen well, the transparent crystal «Fine For Now» and lose your mind with heart-braking «While You Wait For The Others» especially the masterpiece called "Ready, Able", listen to the exemplary way they play their guitars, the bass beautifully distinctive, and the blurred and hazy vocals, an almost agonizing saga so divine that it seems to have no place in this the world.


The shiny piece of Grizzly Bear has an appointment with the misfortune, as it comes out in a year which indelible is marked by the release of Merriweather Post Pavilion from Animal Collective , a distinctive record not only for 2009 but for the entire decade, under these circumstances therefore, the second place, one can say that, it looks like first.

PS. With your hand to the heart, if you see these faces on the street would you say that they are capable to compose such masterpieces?


The photos are from the official site of the group www.grizzly-bear.net/

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