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Mobilia :: The Flaming Lips - Embryonic

One of the features in the long course of Flaming Lips, is the potential to "marry" with ease memorable pop anthems with the most ambitious and whimsical and their experimental impulses.
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One of the universally accepted characteristics in long-term course of Flaming Lips, is the opportunity they have to unite with characteristic ease the creation of memorable, almost mainstream, pop anthems such as the "Do You Realize?", with most ambitious and whimsical of their experimental impulses.

For years now the freaks of Oklahoma have literally done everything and  this double LP that sounds like the soundtrack of  a science fiction film, would not be an exception. Especially when it seemingly solves the perpetual dilemma of the singer Wayne Coyne , on which songs to include each time or not, usually in tight time limits of one album. So that is the reason we hear in a normal release like this, sometimes unfinished pieces that simply fill time and sometimes quite experimental and the plate boundaries such as the I Can Be A Frog (otherwise: the animal-form of Wayne Coyne as a fantasy, Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs to make jokes on vocals), or indifferent If , Gemini Syringes and Impulse with a very obnoxious vocoder. In a super creative group like the Flaming Lips, we understand what soundscapes they can explore, when they are not bound by the contractual time, ie the usual duration of a single LP, which is plain restrain for them, almost coercion.


  Feature of Embryonic is nearly destroyed vocals, raw, noisy mechanical rates and the fact that the guitars have remained in the background. At the window  there are the retro synthesizers & vibes and extremely enhanced drums, which all look like a piece of  special industrial mass. The Flaming Lips perfectly reconcile the lo-fi with the epic, mix beauty and ugliness, the grotesque freely unfurled the flag and push their sound to its limits, us all on our own limits. I would say that perfectly describes the patchwork of Aquarius Sabotage , which harps!, feedback and obscure electronic beats, put together in a mixer and show something like tribute in psychotic B - movies. It is certainly better than immediately prior to the almost irrelevant "At War With The Mystics" (2006), but I have vivid doubts about whether more good than the somewhat  sweet, and very robust, "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" ( 2002).

Rickety structure

Among shouting and guitars are the best tunes circulating all around, as the Convinced Of The Hex , this dirty, fiendishness funk with the typical non-stop pauses, deliberately undervalued the vocals, the rickety structure and hypnotic bass line remind us a bit and Vitamin C, the less scary than the previous, The Sparrow Looks Up AT The Machine , a paradoxical mix of funk and science fiction, with ragged vibe, the tremulous bass, military drum and features pompous" What Does It Mean? ". The Powerless , a magnificent, melancholy, ominous and epic The Ego's Last Stand reminiscent of french electronica, the sultry and threatening to the bass overpowers everything. The Silver Trembling Hands on the other gives us an idea on how to hear the full version Dark Side Of The Moon to prepare the Watching The Planets is a stimulant, a discordant hymn again accompanied by Karen O.


Not everything is perfect though, its great length exceeding seventy minutes, it is  a blessing and curse, but the result is somewhere shining somewhere boring, or even dull, pompous, and certainly ambitious, but moments that it seems to be unbalanced, a trip to abstract not focus anywhere and is totally loose, fitful and fragmented, polarizing contradictions, is when the talking Coyne seems unintelligible, you think that stutters. I think the greatest contribution of Embryonic is the opportunity to capture the grandeur of a wayward genius, that consciousness they can write accessible music, but the limits of affordability and safety away from the previous record, to reconstruct the past and throw out their ideas freely.


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