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One day after his name day in 27/10 Dimitris Papaspyropoulos was found in Manchester to witness his favorite Fleetwood Mac. How is it on stage such a large group which counts 42 years of life?
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One of the characteristics of Fleetwood Mac and something that I think made the sound special, mainly in the second post-Green-period was the coexistence of the British and American element in their composition, a composition that often changes in the early years of the group. Exceptional musicians were, albeit briefly, band members, with greater than all Peter Green, who in addition to founding member, has been the godfather of Fleetwood Mac, and gave them this specific name, in honor of his friends Mick Fleetwood and John McVie . This trio, having been detached from the legendary Bluesbrakers of John Mayall, was the first synthesis of Fleetwood Mac.

Later, in 1970, Green left the group and McVie called, Christine Perfect - McVie's wife at the time, one of the greatest blues voices of his time. People come and go until 1975, when Fleetwood calls to the band guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and agrees to accept under the condition  that his at the time partner would join the group as well, and that is Stephanie Nicks. The term was accepted and the 4 / 5 of the synthesis that gave us, 32 years ago, "Rumours", one of the most commercial albums of all time was present at the MEN arena Arena in Manchester, the evening Tuesday, on October 27.

I'm not sure what my expectations were that night. I was afraid that I could be disappointed by one of my favorite groups. Any fears, however, disappeared from the first song.

 Buckingham and Nicks, come on stage hand in hand while Monday Morning was being played and later they hug to show that they have overcome the past. "The Unleashed Tour" , has a single purpose," says Buckingham, "there is no new album to promote", but left implicit for new album, "so we decided to play our most favorite songs". Immediately after one of the most distinctive and recognizable riff in the history of music begins (this is the The Chain ) and the world stands up applauding.

The party had just begun.

Stevie Nicks, moved enough explains that the next song, Gypsy , she wrote so as not ever to forget one of the best times of her life when she lived and played with Buckingham in San Francisco. At that time they opened concerts for names like Joplin or Hendrix, the period (1965 -1971) when they were at the heart of one of the most important music scenes.

The 17 of the 22 songs heard that night came from Fleetwood Mac (1975), Rumours (1979) and Tusk (1979), only one (Oh Well) from the first sentence (1969) and 2 from the 80s. Both Nicks and Buckingham have interpreted songs from their solo albums. Nicks Stand Back from "The Wild Heart" and Buckingham Go Insane from the self-titled album.

The "Rumours" was a record for optimism, humor and aggression, an album that grew out of the conflicting emotions that the band lived at the time of making the album. Buckingham talks about the much advertised relations of the group and the creation of its songs "Rumours", ahead of the Second Hand News - the first song recorded for the album - and the crowd jumps up and down their seats again.

The star of the evening undoubtedly was full of energy Lindsey Buckingham who at the age of sixty seemed to be having fun and his voice sounded better than ever. The acoustic performance of Big Love amazed the audience with the guitar solo, which is reiterated below. Instead, Nicks started the live a little embarrassed, but her voice began to improve during the show and when she'd arrived at the lovely ballad Landslide , it sounded like the good old Stevie Nicks. Sometimes like a gypsy inspired by another time and sometimes like a fairy, she swirled on stage with the shawl to the air waves with the light of the projector almost passing through her. If there is a singer who knows how to play with a shawl it is certainly Nicks.

Mick Fleetwood, who for the most part of the concert was seated on his throne behind the drums and John McVie, the more "quiet" of the gang, who remained stuck literally throughout the concert next to the elevated drum set of Fleetwood, avoiding even to look at the crowd, they did what they know to do well on 40 years: to give the familiar favorite pattern, which is the backbone of the songs of Fleetwood Mac.

The only thing missing from the concert was the warm and playful voice of Christine McVie, who stopped following the band in 1997 after the tour of the group, mostly because of fear for the flights. The absence of her interpretation of the Say You Love Me was evident.

Singing Don't Stop, in which our farewell was the ideal and the most optimistic choice:

Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow
Don't stop, it'll soon be here
It'll be, better than before
Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone

Don't you look back
Don't you look back

Sometimes the very great artists, even with a little dust on them may remain big and Fleetwood Mac made that clear to us all that night.

Set list :

Monday Morning
The Chain
I Know I'm Not Wrong
Gold Dust Woman
Stand Back
Go Insane
Second Hand News
Never Going Back Again
Big Love
Oh Well
Say You Love Me
Go Your Own Way
I'm So Afraid

World Turning
Don't Stop

The Chain
Big Love
Go Your Own Way