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Animal Collective in the Sundance Festival

The Animal Collective prepared a film that will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival while releasing a new EP.

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animalcollective Animal Collective expand their artistic activities and have prepared a film that is ready for presentation to the public.

The film is called 'ODDSAC' and will be presented for the first time in the next Sundance Film Festival  to be held from 21 to 31 January in Park City, Utah in the U.S.

The film, with music and visual material of Animal Collective, is in the pipeline for two, three years and is directed by Danny Perez, a frequent collaborator of the group.

Here's what Avery Tare said to SBA about the movie: "We tried to make the music go along with the visuals as much as possible. We didn't want it to sound just like a soundtrack, but then we didn't want it to be like a music video either."

He added: "It's kinda like a psychedelic film, it's not like a narrative film or anything. There are more cohesive moments in it, but then there are some that are a little more abstract."

It's unknown whether the film will find distribution to be played in cinemas - the Friends of Animal Collective in Greece could always hope that it will be one of the music films that will play in next Opening Nights - but will be released on DVD by the company Plexifilm.

While the last album of the group, 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' makes its appearance on most of the best lists of 2009 and the decade, from what has come out so far, Animal Collective will release in a few days a new EP.

Its title 'Fall Be Kind', it contains five songs and is already in digital form by 23 November and as a 10inch CD and vinyl will be released in record stores on December 15.


Animal Collective - In The Flowers

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