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Times calls for lists and especially 10 years' lists and the column could not refuse to face its debt.
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Times calls for lists and especially 10 years' lists and the column could not refuse to face the music. Here we go with the review of the albums of the decade and if as far as the years' albums the attempt shows the vanity of the whole project because who is the one that has actually heard all the albums of the year?, one can think what are we talking about when it comes to the decade... but we go quickly to the chase with the necessary reminder that, particularly in the decade that leaves us (in the 90's things were slightly different, more clearly I would say), this is an entirely personal matter.

20. Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness (Enemieslist - 2008)
As a whole it is intelligent, a great mosaic, above all, a mild lo-fi masterpiece.

19. David Holmes - Bow Down To The Exit Sign (1500 - 2000)
Funk, dub, soul, psychedelia and glamorous guests who put the seal to their third drive of the elegant Irish, who made a break from the real or imaginary soundtracks and submits an excellent sample of his enormous capabilities.

18. Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights (Matador - 2000)

Was the first and best evidence lodged on their ability to renew the post punk and turn our attention to the bands that  enlightened them but we had forgotten.

17. The Black Heart Procession - Amore Del Tropico (Touch & Go - 2002) .
Back in 2003 was the first, now in 2009 the only time we were shown that they can go further than the usual standard, ie obituaries grief and melancholy post -rock ballads, and enrich the sound with waltz, bossanova, and just raising the tempo, giving us a sophisticated masterpiece.

16. Junior Boys - Last Exit (Domino - 2004)

Was the first acquaintance with them the first time that a seemingly retro sound would look so clearly at the future, showing the way that  any New Order of this world should  follow, so as not to become boring.

15. Blonde Redhead - 23 (4AD - 2007)

The "23" is a very comprehensive album, exciting and alluring without a mediocre song at 43 minutes of it. And compared with the previous "Misery Is A Butterfly", the sound here is generally brighter, the rates have gone up and the band continues its path towards perfecting the art-pop style, which began to knit with the "Melody Of A Certain Damaged Lemons " and on.

14. Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (Warp - 2002)

Child naivety and carelessness of "Music Has The Right To Children" gave way to adolescence and the doubt it brings, the climate here is a darker, less baby cries, the result nevertheless still high.

13. Ali Farka Tourer - Savane (World Circuit - 2006)

Great blues, all dressed in local strings and wind instruments of Mali. Inconceivable complex combines comfort with seemingly diverse species, joining the amazing West African tradition with African-American blues, also enhance the affinity of the two musical traditions, was the greatest contribution to us.

12. Panda Bear - Person Pitch (Paw Tracks - 2007)

A comprehensive set of psychedelics elegies traveling from tribal ritual in experimental electronica and carefree and glamorous as Beach Boys pop. Sometimes ominous, sometimes celebratory, but always irresistible.

11. Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals (We Are Free - 2007)

The All Hour Cymbals is full of multi-vocal chants and sounds that create an attractive atmosphere, sonic experimentation with a gospel choir in installments synths, traditional percussion, bongos, sitars, accordion, guitars and more, knitting a colorful musical canvas and also succeeded to connect the future with the traditional ritual, creating a heady and unusual mix. Yeasayer's music is so brilliant and extensive that it is almost impossible to describe without reference to parallel paths, so,  Beach Boys, The Beta Band, Arcade Fire, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Peter Gabriel, Fleetwood Mac gives us a strong position.

10. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest (Warp - 2009)

 Long term charm and deliberately sluggish flow, the brightness of the concrete is still in distinctive and elusive of points and requires so our commitment, but not to scare anyone in the end it compensates you generously and reveals the magnificence of the stimulant.

09. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand (Domino - 2004)

Brilliant but not opinionated, fussy but conventionally, they wrote the most pop anthems of the decade.

08. The Strokes - Is This It (RCA - 2001)

Many borrowed from Velvet and Iggy who laid the foundations of the 60's and 70's New York-punk, the Strokes just  did it much better than anyone.

07. The Notwist - Neon Golden (Domino - 2002)

With its trademark its melancholy and timid voice, they  distinguished because they mingled with mastery the acoustic instruments and electronic rhythms without the latter to be heard as a firework or as a fancy trick, but focused on it as though it were the main ingredient, which gave them the rightful leadership in modern electronic music.

06. Burial - Untrue (Hyperdub - 2007)

The reflection of London-night, a hazy patchwork glower sounds, breaking voice and compelling beats, an evocative sound of a haunted town.

05. The White Stripes - Elephant (Warner - 2003)

Raw, spontaneous and ignoring the more or less expected hype, the Elephant finds the duo at its best. The sound is old-fashioned but not exceeding the limits and manages to remain temporal .

04. The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases (Install - 2008)
The Persistent Repetition Of Phrases, a work where the sophistication dull is colored by sadness and loss at some points is literally shocking, with clear allocation to blow over in time with songs that sound like music boxes that are heard in the storm, the keys are almost always faded, masterpiece .

03. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt - 2007)

Nothing there is excessive in this kingdom of minimal, Axel Willner achieves the ultimate coupling of stylistic and artistic, is up to more complex compositions in a simplistic manner. Just magnificent .

02. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion (Domino - 2009)

In Merriweather Post Pavilion, the three "animal" look more compact and sharp as ever, having reconcile their individual impulses, bypassing all the indie / post-rock labels attached to them over the years and managed to merge all previous incarnations and styles that we were being offered, creating a modern pop psychedelic masterpiece unparalleled irresistible and perfect construction. The album releases flood indelible sounds and debilitating emotions, with the lust and the contagious energy as vehicle, thoroughness of ideas, overlapping vocal harmonies and multi-level  structures of the compositions.

01 . Four Tet - Rounds (Domino - 2003)
The Rounds is less serene than the earlier work of ingenious Londoner, but the meticulous technique and experimentation in conjunction with a taste for beautiful complex melodies  riveted me more than anything heard in the decade that ends.

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