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Music is my Radar - March 2010

It can be said that March has been a quite good month regarding music, since we heard several interesting albums. The 3rd album by the Gorillaz "Plastic beach" was the release that stood out in March.
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It can be said that March has been a quite good month regarding music, since we heard several interesting albums in the past few days. But let's refer to them in detail

The third album by the Gorillaz contains brilliant and multiple contributions , as the ones by Mark E. Smith, Lou Reed, De La Soul, Paul Simonon & Mick Jones etc
. Damon Albarn has left brit pop persona behind for good and along with Jamie Hewlett and their multi-media project, they have presented three awesome albums in 12 years, Plastic beach being on top. More can be read here.

The ones that have adored and missed the Field Mice and the Pale Fountains will get lucky with Clinging to a scheme by Radio Dept. from south Sweden. Besides that, in This time around they are reminiscent of the early New Order, in Never follow suit of melodic Saint Etienne, while the single David also stands out.

Corinne Bailey Rae, four years after her first album εreturns to discography with the very good The Sea, which composes a totality you want to listen to again and again. In many compositions she brings to mind melodies by the Morcheeba, due to her voice as well at the title of the album, which is also the title of one of the London group's best songs. More can be read here.

Marina and the Diamonds - the band's name originates from Diamanti's last name - with a Greek father and a Walsh mother are Florence and the machine of 2010 and not only due to their name. All you have to do is add to the compositions of Florence more electro pop elements, take off some sorrow and the result is close to the music by Marina and the diamonds. Marina declares as her sources of inspiration Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, No Doubt and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Are you satisfied?, Obsessions, Hollywood and Oh no! stand out.

The Courteeners released their second album Falcon, which is superior to their debut St. Jude. In the band from Manchester there are apparent influences by the Doves, Oasis and Editors. I mostly enjoyed The opener, Take over the world, the first single You overdid it doll and Lullaby which for some reason reminds me of This is how it feels by the Inspiral Carpets.

The Hot Rats were named after the Frank Zappa album and are comprised by the 2/3 of the Supergrass, which means by Gas Coombes andι Danny Goffey. I tried to have a positive view on the album because I believe that the  Supergrass were one of the most underestimated groups in the past few years, bearing in mind also thenir very good performance in the 2000 Rockwave festival. They successfully cover Damaged goods, E.M.I. and Crytsal ship, while having a mediocre result in Love is the drug, The love cats and Pump it up.

I don't know what exactly was going on in the crazy mind of Wayne Coyne when he decided to cover the entire Dark side of the moon by the Pink Floyd (1973). Henry Rollins and Peaches feature some of the songs.

2010 is the year of the Pavement return, since this summer they are going to perform in severfal festivals, but most of all in Primavera, where two lucky mixgrill gladiators will watch them live. For our younger readers, who are not all that familiar with the discography of this extremely influential group, who are also great lo-fi heroes, this compilations is a very good opportunity to get acquainted. Take also a look here at one of their older shows, performing  Cut your hair.

After three full-length albums, Head Or Tales, Urban Subculture και Popstitute, the Coin from Kavala, give out their new EP "Sudden Sounds" for free download. More information on the EP can be found here.


GORILLAZ – Plastic beach
RADIO DEPT. – Clinging to a scheme
MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS – The family jewels
FLAMING LIPS – The dark side of the moon
HOTRATS – Turn ons
OST – Up in the air
COIN – Sudden sounds EP
PAVEMENT – Quarantine the past: The best of


GORILLAZ – Superfast jellyfish
CORINNE BAILEY RAE – Paris nights/New York mornings
COURTEENERS – You overdid it doll
VAMPIRE WEEKEND – Giving up the gun
MACCABEES feat ROOTS MANUVA – Empty vessels

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