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Monika - Exit

Monika deserves many congratulations releasing a second album more comprehensive and better than the first and throwing it in to the face of all the critics who were waiting for her around the corner ...

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Monika Due to the unexpected success of Avatar, which is unusual for a new artist who begins by alternative cycles, Exit was ambitious enough and also a huge challenge for Monika herself. The recording took place in LowSwing Tonstudio of Guy Sternberg in Berlin and it is produced by the well known  Nick Angloupas or Ottomo.

The Ca commence bien opens the Exit is an old composition of  Monika that was left out of the debut. The Never built note by note brings to mind compositions of Nick Cave such as Into my arms. The Yes I do is the first song dressed with bouzouki and baglama, incorporating influences from Hatzidakis. Monika wrote that as a gift for a wedding and her voice in it reminds us of Nico, and is accompanied by a choir. Both Yes I do, and the next Away from my land are two of the top moments Exit already stands out and is played everywhere.

Here's the first song of the bright record, the Not enough, and Take a little bit of me, in which the vocals show influences from Kate Bush. The Our love or how we lost it and Stars won't shine stand out for the verses and their interpretation by Monika with the accompaniment of piano to the first.

The second bright time of Exit while its first single is Show me, come on. In particular Studio house  Monika accompanied by violin, while the Run to ruin is one of the hidden gems of Exit and my third beloved moment. The album closes with the title track and epic interpretation of it.

Many congratulations to Monika because she released a second album better and more comprehensive than the first and threw it in the face of all critics who were waiting for her around the corner!

8 / 10

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