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Lou Reed & Gorillaz tomorrow in Glastonbury:1st correspondence

The initial correspondence from Glastonbury Festival, which officially starts today. Tomorrow, together with the Gorillaz & Lou Reed, Mark Smith, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def ...
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Tomorrow night, Pyramid Stage, the main stage of Glastonbury will close the show with the Gorillaz, which as our editor
Michalis Lambrinos (poromenos) said is expected by lots of people there. Some Brits even preferred the Gorillaz over U2 ...

Today was announced that  Lou Reed will be on stage along with Gorillaz and will play the "Some kind of Nature", which is of course in the new album the band "Plastic Beach". Apart from Lou Reed, the Mos Def , Mark E. Smith of the Fall and Snoop Dogg will accompany the band. This of course was  expected, as Michael has written in his article two days ago.

Damon Albarn told Radio 4: " Lou Reed's arriving and, fingers crossed, coming straight to rehearsal. And then we watch the game.This morning I woke up and the first thing I felt a wave of anxiety about - is an audience that size going to respond to our songs? I don't know. "

Let's see now the Festival and how is our editor experiencing his first time in Glastonbury. The area of the Festival, namely the farm of Michael Eavis is huge! You can not imagine! A city of 200,000 inhabitants, let's say as big as Larisa(Greece). Reading is small in comparison... Every 50-100 meters there is a different tent.

GlastonburyFestival Today the smaller stages have opened and will gradually open all by tomorrow. The staff is incredibly large with thousands of salaried workers and volunteers, then serving the world, showing them where they are and where to go. In fact, in order for the campers to charge their mobile phones, there are specific tents in which people wait in line to charge. Beside these tents there is a live performance, so as to pass their time. ..

At nights the Campers go to Late Night Areas, which are like bars, where different djs are playing music. Today, in one of these plays Dave Seaman, for example.

The Pyramid Stage is certainly impressive, but not huge. It's a bit bigger than the Terra Vibe stage. At the Pyramid yesterday afternoon was gathered thousands of English and watched the game between England and Slovenia for the World Cup (see the related photo).

Regarding the weather, currently it is very hot, but today came the first cloud ... More from Glastonbury, the largest festival in the world, tomorrow in the second correspondence of Michael Lambrinos.

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