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Muse, Edge & S.Wonder closing Glastonbury

The Glastonbury Festival 2010 closed its doors on Sunday evening with the striking appearance of Stevie Wonder. Our envoy Michael Lambrinos presents us ... 
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The Glastonbury Festival has closed its doors at Sunday night with an impressive appearance of Stevie Wonder. Our envoy Michael Lambrinos shows us the highlights of the last two days (26, 27.06) and summarizing all that he saw the five days he spent on Worthy Farm of Michael Eavis.

What was the best live performance of the Festival? What are the moments that standed out these days? would he go back next year?

Saturday 26.06.2010: The full set of Muse & the "nameless streets" of the Edge.

Shakira When at noon with coffee, one can see on the Other Stage  the National presenting their last great album, the day does start well... Many were the names that consisted the Saturday line-up. Muse, Pet Shop Boys, Editors, Scissor Sisters, Shakira, Dead Weather, Jamie T, George Clinton, Midlake and many others.

Shakira went on the Pyramid Stage. Though the Festival style is closer to Rock, lately, and very well done - in my opinion - ,  names selected from commercial pop music are introduced here as well. It is interesting to see how these names stand in such a big rock (mostly) public.

Shakira was good. She "played" enough with her looks, she danced a lot and sang greatest hits setlist where she fitted the anthem of the World Cup 2010. Certainly highlights were "La Tortura" and her new single "Somos el Mundo". The response was not anything special.

ScissorSisters&KylieMinogue After Shakira, the Scissor Sisters appeared on the Pyramid Stage. Quite a dancing set  and the show too far fetched. The singer kept showing of his sexual preferences and he was even left with only underwear on stage at some point. Just before getting off stage, Kylie Minogue sang the 'Any Which Way' along with the band. The crowning moment of their set was "Feel like dancing". People danced much, but did not actually know their last album.

Truth be told, we were all waiting for the Muse, who followed. Many people gathered on the Pyramid Stage for the three Muse. The set was incredibly good! Hearing the songs and was like listening to the CD. In each piece the band was jamming at the end and even the group of songs was chosen as a good way for the crowd to be vigilant. The latter, of course, responded to each movement of the Muse, singing along all the songs. Bellamy once again proved his exceptional vocal abilities.

  In the encore
the Edge came on stage and  played the "Where the streets have no name" so as to let us get a taste of the Irish group, which would normally play the previous day.

Muse Some of the songs played by Muse:

Butterflies and Hurricanes
Supermassive Black Hole
Time Is Running Out
New Born
Stockholm Syndrome
Plug In Baby


Where the streets have no name (with the Edge)
Knights of Cydonia (started with harmonica played by the band, bassist Christopher Wolstenholme).

Just before the end of the penultimate day of Glastonbury, Mr M. Bellamy said: "Enjoy the sunshine of Glastonbury which you do not get to see every year..."

Before we go on Sunday we have to mention the impressive live of Pet Shop Boys, who were headliners on the Other Stage. Strong performance with several dancers on stage.

Sunday 27.06.2010

StevieWonder Some time after we had awakened, at 14:50 Slash appears on the Pyramid Stage. Surprisingly good with many famous songs of Guns n Roses bring the world to life, who continued with the same rhythm along the solo pieces.

Parallel with the appearance of Slash,in  a vast field,
large screens were placed so as the people would watch the game of the National team of England versus Germany. Ninety to hundred thousands of people filled this vast land. Imagine that...

Ray Davies was good, just  like Faithless who played before the great Stevie Wonder. The latter? Touching, historic, decent, brilliant. People gathered to Stevie Wonder and the Muse were the most throughout the Festival. Many can not believe it, but it was ultimately a perfect closure for this year's festive Glastonbury!


Summary - Moments Countdown

  • If all goes well, I'll go back at Glastonbury, and in general I would go at any time. It is more than a music festival. If you do not live it, you can not understand even 1% of it!
  • Best Festival concert was definitely that of Muse.
  • For the second consecutive year it rains in Greece while it's clear and sunny at Glastonbury all day long.
  • Muse - Plug in baby
  • Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
  • Dizzee Rascal & Florence - You got the love
  • Sitting at the end of the Festival up in a hill while drinking your beer, listening  to the relaxing Empire of the Sun in a tent in front of you.
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