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Music is my Radar - July & August '10

One would expect only few new albums to be released in the summer, but also to lack the mood to listen to such albums. That is not the case with Suburbs by Arcade Fire which has already excited many fans.
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One would expect only few new albums to be released in the summer, but also to lack the mood to listen to such albums. That is not the case with Suburbs by Arcade Fire which we have longed for and which has already excited many fans. I consider it as one of the best albums in the last few years. An analytical review can be found here.

The Morcheeba released their seventh studio album that also marks the return of Skye Edwards, their original singer, after several years. The ideal summer holidays soundtrack is formed by Crimson, the single Even though, Recipe for disaster and the homonym song.

I have not watched any of the Twilight Saga series of films, as I think I would die of boredom. Still, I am very excited with the soundtracks. So, after New Moon comes Eclipse that includes some of the best songs by Vampire Weekend, Metric, Black Keys, Uncle and Cee Lo Green from Gnarls Barkley.

The Coral, sticking to the 60’s and to psychedelia, released Butterfly House ,produced by John Leckie, who had also produced the first, legendary album by the Stone Roses and The Bends by Radiohead. Besides the homonym song, I have distinguished She’s comin’ around, 1000 years and Coney island.

The third solo album by Martina Topley Bird entitled Some place simple has a different style from Tricky, in many albums of whom she had participated. Mostly dominated by soul forms, it brings her vocal potential to light.  I mostly enjoyed Some place simple, Sandpaper kisses and Orchids.

The 27-year old Lissie Maurus from California has certainly been listening to Steve Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Her debut, Catching a tiger is worth noticing. I have selected Record collector, When I’m alone, Bully and Loosen the knot.

We have listened to several new, interesting female soul voices in the last years. While Amy is hsolding back the release of a new album, it is logical for new and ambitious singers who share the same influences to emerge. The 21-year old Rox, from London with origins from Jamaica and Iran, is one of them and released her first album in June. The singles My baby left me, No going back and I don’t believe stand out.

The debut by the Italian Alessandro Magnanini entitled Someway still I do was released last year, but came to my hands the last few days. It is an extraordinary mixture of jazz, easy listening, pop sounds. With the awesome voice of Jenny B in three songs and especially in Secret lover one would bet he listens to Shirley Bassey but would lose. I also enjoyed Stay into my life with Renata Tosi and L’estete e’qua with Rosalia De Souza

The second album by Isobel Campbell along with Mark Lanegan was released last week and is entitled Hawk. To be completely honest, I always thought this collaboration is a bit boring, although I adore both of them solo and of course i pay my respect to their original bands. The best song from Hawk is Come Undone, no relation to the song by Duran Duran under the same title, and You won’t let me down again and Sunrise.

Becoming a jackal by the Villagers is nominated for best album in this year's Mercury awards that will be announced early September. We will have more details on them soon, but until then listen from their album Becoming a jackal, The pack (I’ll be your fever) and That day.


MORCHEEBA – Blood like lemonade
O.S.T. – The twilight saga eclipse
CORAL – Butterfly house
ALESSANDRO MAGNANINI – Somewhere still I do
LISSIE – Catching a tiger
ROX – Memoirs
MARTINA TOPLEY BIRD – Some place simple
VILLAGERS – Becoming a jackal


ARCADE FIRE – Ready to start
METRIC – Eclipse (all yours)
ROX - My baby left me
CORAL – 1000 years
MORCHEEBA – Even though 
STARS – Fixed
CHERRY GHOST – Kissing strangers
VILLAGERS - Becoming a jackal
LISSIE – In sleep
EELS – Spectacular girl

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