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Everyday is always like Sunday

Morrissey will bring his fans back to music stores since, 22 years after being released for the first time,  a special edition of the single Everyday is like Sunday will be re-released.

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A song that has distinguished itself from Morrissey's solo career will be released again in September. The idea was launched on the occasion of the 20 years anniversary of Bona Drag.

Morrissey has took care himself a special edition of Everyday Is Like Sunday, which was originally released in 1988 and climbed to the No. 9 of British chart.

It is one of the temporal pop songs that becomes one of the favorites in every new generation, especially for those who listen to brit pop.

The design of the album, in order to keep the classic style, will be 2 singles in the form of 7-inch vinyl.
The first will have from one side the mark of the company Major Minor in orange and on the other side a rare photo of "Moses", while the second will have company's mark in red, black and white and on the reverse the list of tracks.

In parallel, there will be the possibility of downloading from the Internet along with other tracks, unreleased until now, such as "November Spawned a Monster", "November The Second" and a unique performance of "Everyday is Like Sunday", which is not available anywhere, not even on youtube.

The eccentric Morrissey is in the public eye for reasons other than music, such as his quirky character. It hasn't been that long since he has caused bad reactions describing the Chinese people, lower kind of people because they slaughter animals. Known vegetarian, it is not the first time he supports fanatically his ideology, regardless of the consequences.

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