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U2 @ Athens: Minute by Minute

LIVE comments and photos from all the things we see in Olympic Stadium of Athens in U2, Snow Patrol & Aviv Geffen shows.
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I was there in the queue for tickets for U2, a cold morning last November. I don't even remember my gate... You see, most of us wanted to book seats and not Arena, unfortunately...

Nevertheless, Dimitris Papaspyropoulos told me yesterday that U2 have prepared a very good show and the first time might be better off watching from above, from the stands. I do not know... I always prefer to be upright in concerts... At this point my sister would say: "Yeah well, you're tall and can see normally..."

So the Irish men finally arrived in Athens today. What I expect to hear from them? Besides a very good show, I would like to enjoy the four musicians... I can remember the moments, I tied old classic U2 songs... I would be thrilled by "Pride", even though I don't think they will play it. Finally, I want to see one of the last great bands on stage...

In this article, we will publish comments and photos of everything that happens at the Olympic Stadium. LIVE response from the editors of Mix Grill, but even from all of you.

Mail us at Twitter (@ MixGrill place at the beginning of text) or on Facebook and your comments will be published immediately.

Doors Open: 17:30
AVIV GEFFEN on stage: 19:15
SNOW PATROL on stage: 20:15
U2 on stage: 21:45

19.10: There are enough people at OAKA Arena and the seats are starting to get crowded.
Avin Geffen will be on stage in 7 minutes.

19.15 :  The scene seems likes a giant spider…it’s very special for sure!

19.17 : Avin Geffen has just started signing the Blackfield. The sound is not so good.

19.35 : Avin Geffen takes off his black t-shirt and sings the very good song It 's the end of the world.

19:48 Avin Geffen’s live performance has just finished , the sound and the set list were not so good. It was even worse comparing to the Rockwave Festival. 

20.18: Lights are off and Snow Patrol are on stage…What a scene… “Snow Patrol love Athens” on video walls.

20.21: Snow Patrol begin their show with “Open your eyes”. More than half of the Arena and 1/3 of seats are full of funs.

20.30: Hands Open, a song for Athens. The setlist is the same like Moscow’s one. The sound is getting better. Now they are playing Shut your eyes.

20.48 : Amazing and full of power playing of Chasing Cars. Some minutes before we enjoyed the emotional Run. Perhaps 2 songs more.

20.57: Snow Patrol have just finished their show. We liked them but the sound was not so good yet. The setlist was exactly the same like Moscow’s. Just say yes was the last song.

The Olympic Stadium of Athens before U2 Show:


21.50: Time has come…!!!  Return of the stringray guitar is heard all over the stadium. The stage is Wonderful!!!   
21.54:  Bono is walking around the circle stage through the audience, next to the Red Zone. The sound is still not the best  however People’s response is great! 
21.56 : Bono is on Stage, lights off and Beautiful day!!!
22.00:  I will Follow! This is a great surprise!!!

 22.14: It's alright, it's alright... Mysterious ways ,Edge & Βοno are singing together using the same microphone.  The next song is Elevation.

22.32: Many lights go on and off according to the sound of Until the end of the world. Bono makes some comments about the economical situation of Greece

22.33: Bono: Greeks and Irish have so much in common… Take the situation on your hands Greeks.

U2 @ Athens

22.36: And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for… One of the best parts of the show until now

22.46: Odysseas The Edge, Larry Mullen as the Apollon, Adam Clayton the Zeus and Bono As the Great Alexander

22.50: City of blinding and amazing visuals on video walls. The sound is better now so let’s rock with Vertigo…

22.56: A lot of people from different ages are dancing… The visuals are super! The circular video wall is at a lower height now.

23.00: Bono, Adam and the Edge are walking in the ring stage besides the crowd and Larry is playing drums. DISCOTEQUE now in a remix….

23.13: Friday bloody Friday…Sunday!!! Walk on is  the next song

23.15: After 1,5 hours, U2 are leaving the stage now. Not for long of course…

U2 @ Athens

23.22: Encore with ONE and WHERE THE STREET HAVE NO NAME. All the stadium is dancing.

23.32: They left again and we are waiting for the second encore… ;) With which song? Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me.

23.35: Now it’s time for the classic but magnificent With or without you

23.45: All the crowd is singing "Oooooooo" after  “With or without you”. A magic moment… Moment of surrender now. I think the last one…

23.51: They finally left us at 23.50, after 2 hours and 5 min. It was a marvelous show for sure….

Watch the first "With or without you" video from our editor and graphic designer Vagelis Evangelopoulos:

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