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Peter Hammill this November in Greece

Peter Hammill, the unique voice and leading singer of Van Der Graaf Generator returns to Greece for two performances.
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Peter Hammill
Saturday, November 13 - Gaia Live, Thessaloniki
Sunday, November 14 - Kyttaro Live, Athens

Peter Hammill, the unique voice and a leading personality of Van Der Graaf Generator returns to Greece for two breathtaking performances.

Having the music in his "baggage" like "Lemmings", "Theme One", "Pilgrims", "The Emperor In His War Room " and "Refugees" from the path of the Van Der Graaf Generator and diamond pieces from his personal career. A career of restless sound that often flirted with musique concrete, provided the punk, new wave embraces and extends from the progressive rock to opera.

The thing that one admires watching the live of Peter Hammill is not the set list. Furthermore no one ever knows what one can listen to his concerts because there is no predetermined schedule, pre-arranged arrangements, or even how many musicians will accompany him on stage.

The only thing sure is how riveting Hammill is and incredibly flexible with his expressive voice, a voice that stretches from baritone to falsetto soprano and intensity of melodic wispers until the explosive screams, which at the same time are always checked and harnessed.

With two appearances in Greece we will have the opportunity to enjoy the music again, free from the "shackles" the loop and samplers. With one voice, a piano and sometimes an acoustic guitar, Peter Hammill will bring us to another more natural music era and we will prove that after all those machines the final test is always the human factor and talent.

Read here what Dimitris Antonopoulos wrote a few weeks ago about the great Peter Hammill.

Advance tickets sale start in Athens on October 15 and box offices are the Public, the Tickethouse and on-line at www.ticketpro.gr .

Tickets for the concert in Athens : 22 € & 27 € pre-sale box office
Start Time : 21.00

Sponsor : Mix Grill

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