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Music is my radar - October '10: Zaz, Grinderman, Crocodiles, Sillyboy

Listening to the releases of last month, there was a variety of good albums from different styles of music.
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ZAZ – Zaz
GRINDERMAN – Grinderman 2
CROCODILES – Sleep forever
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Write about love
TRICKY – Mixed race
CHARLATANS – Who we touch
NINA HAGEN – Personal Jesus
JOLLY BOYS – Great expectations


KINGS OF LEON - Radioactive
ZAZ – Je veux
DUFFY – Well, well, well
LES SAVY FAV – Let’s get out of here
POSIES - The glitter prize
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Write about love
CROCODILES – Sleep forever
CHARLATANS – My foolish pride

Last month we were pleased to listen to a variety of good albums from different styles of music. Music is my Radar will now tell you all the details.

Zaz is a 30-year old French singer and last May she released her first album, in the wide jazz style, in combination to others, such as chanson and pop. But above all, Zaz has really taken in her different influences and brings out her awesome performing abilities. Listen to Dans ma rue, Ni oui ni non, her first single Je Veux, as well as Prends garde a ta langue and J’ aime a nouveau.

The Grinderman returned after two years with heir new album, which I consider superior to the first one. Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos  move about the sound paths of the Birthday Party in Evil, Worm tamer, Mickey Mouse and the goodbye man, while Grinderman 2 also contains calmer moments, such as Palaces of Montezuma. This album is also produced by Nick Launay. Heathen child, besides everything else, has one of the best videos in the last few years. In Kitchenette  we have the revelation of their blues influence, while Bellringer blues could be a track by the Bad Seeds.

The Crocodiles come from California and one year after their first album they released their second work, Sleep forever, produced by James Ford. Their enjoyable music is a mixture with a popular recipe: Jesus and mary chain, Velvet Underground, Primal Scream and a bit of garage, like Sonics, Seeds for the fans of such 60s bands. I mostly enjoyed Mirrors, Hollow hollow eyes, Sleep forever, Billy speed and Hearts of love.

Belle and Sebastian returned after four years, with what is maybe their best work in the last few years. I want the world to stop and I’m not leaving in the real world from the album Write about love remind me of the recordings by our beloved Scottishhe band back when they set off their career. Also interesting are I didn’t see it coming, as well as Little Lou ugly Jack, prophet John, unexpectedly featuring  Norah Jones.

Sillyboy had already created a mystery around his public image, since he has been repeatedly photographed with his face covered. The contribution of Thomas Pitikakis (DJ Everlast) played a great part in the final result of Played. Some songs are reminiscent of the first recordings by the Depeche Mode and the New Order, such as Modern boys modern girls and You, while in other cases his sound is modern and fresh with a predominating bass, as in Played, Only waves as well as Time is all mine. In Death before disco he reveals his disco influence and in NYC he flirts with  funk.A special moment, destined to become a hit is also Thin air. A pretty electro pop for all day long, which could have been released by some British label, still that happened by the small independent Just Gazing records of Lillis brothers.

Tricky returns, two years after Knowle west boy with the most passionate album he has ever released, as it is said. It was recorded in Paris, where he has been living for the last few years. Clearly standing out are Murder weapon with the awesome video,  Ghetto stars and Really real, featuring Bobbie Gillespie from the Primal Scream.

Listening to the first single from the album by my beloved Charlatans, since many of their songs have kept me company in pleasant moments of my life, I was thrilled. Their sound in Love is ending is fresh and - as it has been correctly written - this is a song the Franz Ferdinand would envy! A few days later, having listened to their entire eleventh album entitled Who we touch, my enthusiasm was diminished. I would not dare say anything bad about them. In the album there are many ballads and mild songs like Oh! and You can swim that close the album and I believe would have no place in any other album by this band. Nevertheless, besides Love is ending, I also enjoyed Sincerity and When I wonder.

Nina Hagen is well known to the elder by her first released, in the end of the 70s, as well as her unforgettable performance in Rock in Athens back in 1985 - no, I wasn't there. The years have passed and the girl from ex- East Germany became occupied with gospel. Her voice is untouched and I have distinguished the covers of Personal Jesus and Run on. 

Covers are also what the Jolly boys do in their album Great expectations, which is ok if you see the humorous side of it. Five old Jamaicans decided to make reggae covers of rock songs from the 70s, such as Do it again and Riders on the storm. They also like new wave – punk and specifically Iggy Pop, since they have messed with Passenger, Nightclubbing, I fought the law etc.

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