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Gimme 10: The Days

Today the menu includes songs for the days, more or less important, days that inspired artists.
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Today the menu includes songs for the days, more or less important, days that inspired artists.

1. Best Days - Blur
(Damon Albarn-Graham Coxon-Alex James-Dave Rowntree)
One of the most melancholic songs of the album The Great Escape (1995), which has a "dark" tendency as a whole. The Blur speak about the difficulties and  problems of modern life with great success, depositing one of the best works.

2. The Day Before The Day - Dido
(Dido Armstrong-Rollo Armstrong)
A soft ballad with acoustic guitar and strings, from the last studio album by Dido, Safe Trip Home (2008). It is songs like this that clearly show she could have given much more than just nice pop songs.

3. Perfect Day - Lou Reed
(Lou Reed)
With the help of David Bowie and Mick Ronson, Lou Reed released the 1972 in one of the best albums of his career, Transformer. This song, apart from being one of the best in this album, it is also probably the most popular one by the British artist. The slow piano and nostalgic lyrics probably hide a darker background, a view indicated by the inclusion of the song in the soundtrack of the film Trainspotting (1996) by Danny Boyle.

4. Ascension Day - Elvis Costello
(Roy Byrd-Elvis Costello-Allen Toussaint)
The magic fingers of Allen Toussaint on the piano and the vibrato voice of Elvis Costello on the microphone are the simple components of this beautiful and touching recording, from the album The River In Reverse (2006). The reason for their meeting was the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

5. Day After Day - Julian Lennon
(Julian Lennon-Mark Spiro)
It is a very difficult thing being the son of a former member of the Beatles, a "Martyr" for many. Julian Lennon never escaped the shadow of his father - some of the reasons can be perceived listening to this brilliant song. A beatle composition, guitar solos like Harrison's and a voice that could be easily mistaken for his father's. Who needs all this?

6. Late In The Day - Supergrass
(Gaz Coombes-Rob Coombes-Danny Goffey-Mick Quinn)
A selection from In It For The Money (1997), the best album released by the Supergrass ever. Great mid-tempo, with a beautiful melody, sweet vocals and a masterly instrumentation. Unfortunately, these guys never gained the recognition they deserved...

7. Strange Days - The Doors
(John Desmore-Robby Krieger-Ray Manzarek-Jim Morrison)
The opening track of the homonym second album by the Americans The Doors. A classic moment for the band, with their characteristic sound and the great voice of Jim Morrison predominating.

8. Another Day - Dream Theater
(James LaBrie-John Petrucci-John Myung-Kevin Moore-Mike Portnoy)
An epic ballad from the second album by the progressive metal Dream Theater, entitled Images And Words, released in 1992. This is one of their most popular songs and their most successful album.

9. Days - David Bowie
(David Bowie)
With Heathen, in 2002, David Bowie returned to the creation of valuable records and  Reality in 2003, from which comes this song, showed that he had no intention of letting the favorable circumstances pass by. This may not be a masterpiece, but it does not leaves one indifferent either...

10. Somedays - Paul McCartney
(Paul McCartney)
A wonderful acoustic ballad from Flaming Pie (1997) with the instrumentation by George Martin. Nostalgia and sensuality, as only Macca knows how to combine...

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