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Angie speaks of David Bowie

A few days ago Angie Bowie spoke with D. Antonopoulos on Rock Band, on Channel 1, 90.4. The main theme of the interview was David Bowie.
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Angie Bowie
few days ago spoke to Dimitris Antonopoulos in Rock Band, on Channel 1, 90.4 (Tuesday and Friday 10-11 pm, Saturday 8-10 pm). The main theme of the interview was David Bowie.

More specifically, Angie
spoke of:

- the legendary "Ziggy Stardust "of David Bowie, at the time when she was wife and manager of Bowie. "Ziggy Stardust was the story and everyone in the band had a role in this story."
how was Bowie before coming on stage. "He was calm, but anxious to go out in public."
- the first time they met when Angie had gone to a concert and saw him for 2 minutes.
- the 70s was a period where new ideas were born. David Bowie did not miss and never went crazy with everything that took place.
- the "Station to Station" and the movie "'The Man who feel to Earth", which featured Bowie.

Hear the entire interview of Angie Bowie below:

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