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Zaz @ Badminton Theater: Merci Isabelle

Summer is getting closer and the evenings "dress up" nicely when you go to beautiful concerts. Yesterday evening we were at Badminton Theater for a concert of the sweet 31-year-old Isabelle Geffroy aka Zaz.
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What : ZAZ
Of : Theatre Badminton
When : Monday May
16 2011
Sound : Perfect (with did you expect in this avenue .. .)
People : It was almost filled. Few vacancies.
Organization : Fine
Time : 1 hour and 40 minutes: 21:40 - 23:20

Some of the songs heard :

Les passants
Le long de la route
La fée
Trop sensible
Prends garde à ta langue
Ni oui ni non

Port coton
J'aime à nouveau
Dans ma rue (Edith Piaf)
Je veux
Éblouie par la nuit
Ma Folie
Aux Detenteurs

Summer is getting closer and evenings "dress up" pretty nice when you go to fine concerts. Last night we were at the Badminton Theatre for the concert of the sweet 31-year-old Isabelle Geffroy aka Zaz.

With only one record in her assets of (the record with her name on of 2010), we were curious about how would the songs be presented on stage and what would be the duration of the whole concert.

The first notes of "Les passants" brought on stage a little girl with dark shirt and red plaid baggy pants (as in the cover of her record), which was dancing on her own and was generally moving around along with the music. But this girl had a good,
loud and clear voice. You wouldn't only notice her for her dance ... At one time I watched the theatrical faces and dance moves and on the other I was taken away by her other voice. Nice mix for the beginning.

Songs of Zaz grew in length, "dressed" with an atmospheric entrance (most of them) and had various theatrical skits, which put people on the mood she wanted to pass through to them
. Zaz was starring in her show either as a singer or as a performer. She kept messing with the musicians hitting them with baguettes and thereby changing the way they played or discussed with them playing "chamber music" as she said shortly before the end.

Between songs, Zaz spoke to the people in French, of course, bringing joy in French-speaking Greek public, which longed for yesterday's concert. Like Eugenia said yesterday, there's enough people who have gone to the French Institute, listen  to EN LEYKO and Kosmos Radio looking for French music. We have heard so many stories in different breaks between songs. We picked out two of them.

In the first story (just before "
Trop sensible"), told us she was a little kid and saw in the house a guitar, her mother had bought in Malaga (Spain), but no one was playing it. It was an object in the house, which had so much energy. "One day I got it, I played two chords and immediately the words of the song came out..."

The second was not just history, but some thoughts of Isabelle, which she sought to translate to people. Urania did a good job and then told us that Zaz would like to discover the power we have in our inside and scream very loudly. Thus began "playing" with the world and as  the "Aux Detenteurswas heard, Zaz gave the signal and we scream with one mouth, one voice. Deafening noise!!!

Highlight of the evening was of course
"Je veux", where there was a amazing, as you can understand. Personally, I singled out the sweet "Éblouie par la nuit" (here her voice capabilities came clear), the romantic, melancholic "Port Coton" and the highly dynamic "Aux Detenteurs" .

She was very good  Zaz both as a singer and a performer. Managed within 1 hour and 40 minutes to keep us anchored to the scene and her next move, without letting our minds to travel elsewhere. Isn't this a key ingredient to a fine concert? The response of people, isn't it a factor? The audience of yesterday's concert was one of the best I've seen. Without extremes and excesses, it went along with the performer showing her clearly that they were having fun.

Zaz will come back soon in our country and consider this information a sure one

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