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Thievery Corporation: We f****** love you...

For those of you who have not yet managed to see them up close, next time I hope you do it because it's a live worthy well above the ticket price...
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Thursday Afternoon  I ascend to the Lycabettus theater to find myself near a band that at every show in the country gives us the best of itself and gets the most positive reviews. These is Thievery Corporation, the American duo that manages to seamlessly combine several different types of music.

The audience as time passes is getting bigger. At 9:30 the theater is full and now we are very close to the start of the live. The lights dim, audience cheering, and at 9:50 the members of Thievery Corporation take their places on stage. The audience from the first minute starts dancing to the magical rhythms of the band and the atmosphere created is very hot. So they start with the very nice Web Of Deception from the very fresh album Culture Of Fear and the strong voice of Natalia Clavier.

ThieveryCorporation On stage besides the video wall that was in the back where were shown various videos, there was a sofa which was used by Rob Myers, guitarist of the band, when he had to leave for a while the guitar to rouse us with the amazing sound of the sitar. Once they began performing the great hit Lebanese Blonde everyone in the stands stood up from the seats and began to sway in Lebanese rhythms. It is worth to mention the presence of the bass player who through the entire time of the live didn't stop dancing.

Then we heard the very nice and atmospheric Take My Soul and Sweet Tides from the excellent vocalist Loulou who participated in Lebanese Blonde, which I mentioned earlier. After relaxing for a while, it's time for reggae, funky, dub music and on stage there's an explosive duo with the characteristic "dreadlocks" full of energy, dancing nonstop. The audience is swept and they manage to create an amazing connection with the audience in just a few minutes. Some of the pieces presented to us that made the whole theater sing and dance were Numbers Game, amazing Richest Man In Babylon, Asault on Babylon, Vampires with strong lyrics and well known Warning Shots.

Having already completed one hour, Thievery make another passage from India with the very special Illumination and after a while returns Natalia to stage with All That We Perceive. Then we go to Latin America with both female vocals appearing together on stage for El Pueblo Unido and return to East with Facing East and the nice percussion featuring in this piece.

For the end we return to funky sounds again and the band calls on stage the crowd for the quite dancing piece Coming From The Top. So, two hours after the start of the live Thievery thank us again and bid us farewell with the great Amerimacka.

In general it was a fairly complete live. Had great vocals which changed frequently and respectively changed the pace. We enjoyed several different kinds of music tied together very nicely, this of course is the characteristic of Thievery. Also, the contact of this band with the audience is very warm and spontaneous, I would say, which justifies the crowd gathered at each appearance. The sound was pretty good and the organization very well.

From the songs we heard: Web Of Deception, Take My Soul and Overstand (sorry if I forget something) are included in the latest project entitled Thievery Culture Of Fear and had good response from the audience. In Overstand vocals were from the great Chris "Ras Puma".

Finally, for those of you who have not yet managed to see them up close, next time I hope you do it because it's a live worthy well above the ticket price and will surely raise your mood and make you love them more.

P.S. Because Uncle Murphy put his hand on my camera the photos of the article are from previous performances.

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