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Interview: Karuan

A few days ago, we talked with Karuan. It's a nice change to get to know him better..
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Some of you don't even know Karuan. If you press play at the above videos, you will remember the songs you hear so much on the radio. Karuan will play here in Athens on Sunday.

A few days ago, we talked with him. It's a nice change to get to know him better..

MG: Is this your first time in Greece? Do you know the big success of your songs "Chocolate Distance", "Reflections of a poem" here in our country?
K: Well actually it is not the first time for me in Greece. I was already in 2009 during a djset here. I was in Thessaloniki and in Athen. I have very good memories and I am really looking forward to come back playing for the first with my live band. This time we will play in Crete, Thessaloniki @ reworks and in Athen. The success for “Chocolate Distance” and “Reflections of a poem” is maybe because they are not bad songs. (laughing)

MG: Do you believe that Greek and Kurdish traditional music have things in common?
K: I think they have. I remember last time when I was sitting in a very nice Greek restaurant in Vienna, they played a traditional Greek song. I was thinking it’s amazing how close they are sounding. Then I was asking the owner of the restaurant and he told me that Greece has different traditional music styles depending in which place of the country the music is coming from. Unfortunately I forget the name of this song and artist. But it was a beautiful.

MG: Is it easier to get your music into people from countries, which have music near in East Culture, like Greece or it's the same in Western countries, like Germany, England etc?
K: It depends on the country that’s true. But I can’t say this is really the fact that it works better in eastern culture. In the meantime everywhere is multicultural. Maybe it depends on the media because if you think to France there is a lot of eastern music in the radios. Unfortunately in Austria it’s not like in France. They even play very less local bands in radios.

MG: You have released two albums (“Dohuki Ballet”, “Pop Arif”). Are you working on new material now?
K: I was very busy with writing music for movies that I didn’t found the time to work on my next album. But I am looking forward and can’t wait to work again on it. And I am working on a new side project which still has no name. It’s not a solo project. It’s just a drummer, a friend of mine and me on the guitar and vocals. Let’s see what this will bring. :-)

MG: As we understand, you love creating music for films. You have written music for so many movies. Have you thought of creating your own film and its' soundtrack?
K: I was thinking about bringing all my soundtracks together and release it as a dvd. But I really don’t have any idea when it could be released because I am still working on new scores.

MG: What to expect in your show in Athens at 18/09?
K: We are really looking forward to play in Greece. Of course we will play a lot of songs from my latest album “Pop Arif” but there will also be some new songs and some surprises.

Thanks for your time Karuan!

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