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The song that will NOT be in the new album by Marsheaux!

Marsheaux prepare their new album and let us listen to those songs that will be left off the final tracklist!
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Greek Marsheaux, the female electro pop duo with international recognition, are preparing a new album!

As they write in the blog their new album is due in about two months. Until then they work on 24 new songs along with their spouses FOTONOVELA, of which twelve will be rejected.

They decided, that each piece that will not eventually end up included in their new album, will be shared with us! The first is rejected is the cute Thirteen/True that moves in the familiar uptempo rhythms of the band.

The tracks that will be excluded from the album, will be included in a collection titled "The Ebay Queen Is Dead" (SS "Ebay Queen" was the title of their debut album) which will be distributed exclusively on live performances!

Listen and let the forecasts begin... Is it indeed the new album their best, better than Lumineux Noir? Will it make the global success of Peek a Boo?

Marsheaux-Thirteen/True (Rejected Demo 1) by undorecords
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