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Today I am really proud of the exclusive article of the great Gary Lucas!
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Today I am really proud of the exclusive article of the great Gary Lucas! It was written from his heart... We both love great Peter Hammill and for this reason I am thrilled for this cooperation!

If I say that I dreamt about that in the last years, I am not sure if anyone will believe it. I know that Gary believes me and this is enough...

Gary Lucas

" I went up to Bath, a beautiful town in northern England shortly after New Year's to work with legendary Peter Hammill in his home studio on a new duo collaboration project. The sessions went amazingly well, I have been a fan of his since the late 60's and Van Der Graaf Generator...and I met him on my very first trip to London in summer 1973, where I saw him play solo in a club in Aylesbury.

I gave him some of my best music ever and played some very wild guitar on this and I am quite looking forward to hearing what he does with it, it is definitely in the psychedelic art-rock territory. I thin Peter has one of he best voices around and it is still great and haunting, and having worked with Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefeart and other legends Peter is right up there in my book!"

In my estimation, Peter Hammill is one of the greatest treasures to come out of the British psychedelic rock movement and this was brought home to me when I saw Van Der Graaf Generator's reunion show at Royal Concert Hall in London 4 or 5 years ago. Such a magisterial and beautiful voice, and such powerful songwriting and story-telling.

I think of his work and I think that each song is a little mini-opera. He has a poet's sensibility and I found him to be extremely friendly and enthusiastic--I cant wait to hear the final shape of the music we worked on. If our schedules permit we hope to tour this together in the future."

Peter Hammil with Dimitris Antonopoulos.

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