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Milo Z: Interview

"I think the Greeks maybe feel the funk sometimes even a little bit more!"
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Milo Z is one of the musicians who has his name besides the word "party" in a dictionary. For about 20 years, he managed to create a mixture of funk-jazz-soul-groovy-hip hop music and make his fans dance in every venue he plays.

Milo Z has fanatic fans in Greece. In 2007, 4.000 Greeks went to Lycabetus theatre in a very special show of Milo Z.  "Up on the hill" Live CD was created after that concert.

Milo Z will be in Athens today and tomorrow (23, 24/03), in gazArte. Yesterday, we talked with him for the shows in Greece and many other issues. The "microphone" to Milo:

George Baliotis: Hello Milo! Most of your music is composed by you. If you could have as many musicians and organs as you like, would you prefer a big or a small band? Would you choose some specific musicians?

Milo Z: Yes I like using different size bands for different occasions. Sometimes adding percussion or more horns

George Baliotis: Three years after "Throwback", when should we expect your sixth album? Will you present some new songs in your shows in Greece?

Milo Z: I have enough new material for a new cd. Maybe the next one will be anther live show? Maybe live in Greece 2?

George Baliotis: Do you prefer small and cozy venues or big theatres like Lycabetus? "Up on the hill" was a great live album!

Milo Z: I love both the main thing is that I try to make it feel like a party.

George Baliotis: You have toured with so many musicians, like Neville Brothers, Tom Jones, The Spin Doctors, Al Green, Patty Smith,Massive Attack etc. Do you remember a special, unforgettable moment with one of them? Just one...

Milo Z: Yes I did a show with the Al Greene that was pretty amazing. I also had a chance to meet James Brown here in Greece in 2006!

George Baliotis: You compose music for about 20 years and have done so many concerts all over the world. Do you believe that European people and more specifically the Greeks are close to New York Funk music?

Milo Z: 
I think the Greeks maybe feel the funk sometimes even a little bit more!

George Baliotis: In your Greek shows, you will be on stage for about 3 hours! Will you have mercy for us and not make us dance for 3 hours?

Milo Z: No mercy!

Thank you very much for your time! We really appreciate it!

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