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FM to WEB: Follakzoid - interview

Dimitris Antonopoulos talks with Follakzoid, a krautrock band from Chile.
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Dimitris Antonopoulos: So,we re dealin’ here not only with a Krautrock band from Chile (!) but with a brilliant band!Can you tell me your story so far..?  
Follakzoid: It’s been written, the main description is at sacredbones.com
D.A.: Is there a Krautrock scene really?
You gotta come to Chile and check it out, there's some pretty strange things going on.
D.A.: Let’s talk about your wonderful second album 'II'. It’s a great record...
Thank you!
D.A.: Your influences? CAN maybe..? You do know about 'The Lost Tapes' of course from the last year...
Just found that record the other day in sacred bones office. Haven't heard it though.
D.A.: And your name ('Follakzoid') comes from?
It’s pronounced foy-ack-zoid, it sounds pretty similar to the word "lighter" in german.
D.A.: Here’s my classic question. Let’s have a trip with a time machine for the next 24 hours. Where and why would you really wanna go for a whole day? Past or future?
I think we are travelling in a time machine, and we like where  we are right now! Just ended our USA tour and we are headin Europe in the second half of 2013.
D.A.: Tell me a few words about 'Pulsar', such a lovely song...
It’s hard to describe with words. There’s no lyrics. I think it has to do with coming back and going forward at the same time.