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Best albums of 2014: 31-40

Today, #31 - #40
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Yesterday we presented the bottom 10 albums of 2014, from #41 to #50. Today we step up to spots 31-40.

40. Dum Dum Girls - Too True
Dee Dee Penny has a beautiful, slightly melancholic voice with a touch of innocence that does not match her sexy attire. She reminds me of Throwing Muses'
Kristin Hersh (when it comes to her voice) and Siouxsie's Debbie Harry. Dum Dum Girls' ''Too True'' may not change your life but it definitely won't pass unnoticed. - [Christos Christopoulos]

39(-). Hercules and Love Affair - The Feast of the Broken Heart

The third album by this artistic scheme, led by Andy Butler, did not manage to surpass their debut album, but certainly is a step up from their second album 'Blue Songs'. This time, Butler invites John Grant, Rouge Mary, Gustaph and Krystle Warren to do the vocals and does not use any natural instrument. The result is the unbiased fitting of the much loved older electronic sound and modern-day singing, that leaves you with the feeling that these songs could not have been written in any other way. - [Eleni Pefani]

38(-). Opeth - Pale Communion
I am under the impression that Opeth with this album are trying to send a message from the past. And by this I mean, that the progressive rock feeling that spreads out through all the songs reminds me of the times of Camel or Rush back in the '70s. I am not talking about copying. Just being influenced. Influences captured with the sound of Opeth, under the freshness of a new production. - [Loukas Kakos]

37. Vermont - Vermont

How many hours am I here? Or is it days? I can't remember. Time has stopped in this majestic place. Sitting on the grass, at the edge of a green hill, I feel like I am flying outside of my body, and my heart beating at the rhythm of the exquisite melodies that blow in with the wind. In front of me, the vast blue of the sea, while in the horizon the endless sunset that catches my eye since I got here.  - [Christos Christopoulos] .

36(-). Kate Tempest - Everybody Down
Strong lyrics with interesting music, in a hip hop album by a new poet. In twelve songs, Kate Tempest builds a story of two main characters, which is enough to create a movie. One of the South London children, she grabbed the mic for the first time when she was sixteen, won the Ted Hughes poet award in 2013 when she was twenty eight and in March 2014, she released her first album that got nominated for Mercury Prize. The street accent and language among her amazing performance and the beats and rhythms, create the feeling that you are sitting at Ron's bar across from Becky and Harry.  - [Dimitris Orlis]

35. Jungle - Jungle
A British duo, guided by technology and '70s and 80s references, has created an album that actually stands as an exemplar of old soul and funk music combined with synthesizers. The lyrics, taking a secondary part, cannot be appreciated for their literary value, but what reminds us of the lyrics of older soul hits, are the vocals. 'Jungle' is to soul and funk what Washed Out's 'Paracosm; was to chillwave. It invites electronic music lovers to a journey through the intoxicating paths of those amazing music genres. And that's the main characteristic of soul music, to touch your soul by talking about love. - [Kostas Housiadas]

34. Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Bussiness
A great and favourite musician, Morrissey, is in a descending creative route the last years. As much as we love him, this is the truth. Five years after the good "Years of Refusal" and ten years after the great "You are the Quarry", Moz did not make amends for the five years he's missing. His voice has been a part of my life, with both his own and Smiths' songs. One thing is certain; he hasn't forgotten to write nice pop-rock songs and that is obvious in the first 5 tracks of this album. The problems come after those, in the rest of the album that sounds a bit boring. - [George Baliotis]

33. The Juan Maclean - In A Dream
One of DFA Records' greats has returned this year. Disco, Space Disco & House are the ingredients of “In a dream”, an addictive dance album. With him, as always, his permanent partner, Nancy Whang. It's not one of the albums that take you in from the fsrst moment, since the songs need some time to absorb. Songs with great production, that spread out in many minutes, and offer surprises up till the end. An important thing in “In a dream”, is that it get better as it goes, until the exceptional “Charlotte”. - [Dimitris Kampouris]

32. Soul Jazz Orchestra - Inner Fire
Canadian Soul Jazz Orchestra continue their music trip with 'Inner Fire', mixing different sounds and styles, such as afro beat and spiritual jazz creating an enjoyable oarty atmosphere. Begin with 'Agoya' to start getting in the deep.  - [Leonidas Kalmoukos]

31. Allah-Las - Worship The Sun
California, sun and vintage guitars. Allah-Las come back with an album full of '60s garage rock revival, infused with modern pop exactly as they prresented it to us two years ago. Nick Waterhouse produced this album too, and the whole album is in the same pattern, that may be tiresome for some, but almost every song is decent. ‘Had It All’, that sounds like a penitence for those lost, stands out, among ‘Recurring’ and ‘Artifact’. - [Dimitris Orlis]

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