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Best albums of 2014: 21-30

The albums that harldy made it to top 20.
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These are the albums that harldy made it to top 20. You can see the bottom twenty here (31-40) and here (41-50).

30. EMA - The Future's Void

Three years after the very good "Past Life Martyred Saints, the American has released her best album. “The future’s void” includes one of this year's hits (“Satellites”),  4 tracks that stand out  (“So blonde”, “3Jane”, “When she comes”, “Neuromancer”) and in general cohesion and precise musical texture and orientation. Compared to her previous works, Erika Anderson now brings out her amazing voice and femininity. - [Giorgos Baliotis]

29. Nick Waterhouse - Holly
When I first listened to “Holly”, my first thoughts were that this album is very similar to 2012's “Time’s all gone” and maybe a little worse. I needed msny times to listen to it to come to the exact opposit conclusion! Once more, it is revealed that you must not rush into judging an album. Waterhouse has created an album that is based on the same apttern as his debut. But, beyond the exceptional "This is a game", there are songs (“It No.3”, “Sleeping pills”, “Aint there something that money can’t buy”), that carry Waterhouse one step further from his last work. - [Giorgos Baliotis]

28.Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

Fourteen years have passed since the first album by the great Mr. Adams, and I think that this is the time to get ourselves into this rock diamont once again. This is an albums that is heard many times on repeat. An album that everyone who loves Ryan Adams will find those elements that made us notice him. For all of those who are romantic, in love, nostalgic and daydreamers. For those who aren't, give a chance to this album and it will transform you. - [Costas Housiadas]

27. Mogwai - Rave Tapes
Ι can relate Mogwai with obsession. Even if it is about their nostalgia-attired older songs, or their new and my anticipation of them.
'Rave Tapes' stimulates you before you even listen to it. The geometric symmetry and the bright fucshia on the cover, make you wonder if this translates into their songs. And that happens, due to a carefully chosen balance among the electronic sounds that they always loved, the post-rock element and the calmer, soothing melodies that come through without exaggeration. Powerful, mature and always alternative, Mogwai satisfy the hardest ear with 'Rave Tapes' - [Danae Delipetrou]

26. Chinawoman - Let's Part in Style
Mrs. Michelle Guverich, that recently paid us a visit, four years after “Show me the face”, released “Let’s part in style” , an album with specific athmosphere, dark, romantic and mostly feminine. In this album there is one of the best songs of this year, “Nothing to talk about”, but that's not all, since you cannot throw away any other song. It;s an album that you listen to all of, even if there are times that could bore you...  - [Dimitris Kampouris]

25. Flyin
g Lotus - You're Dead!
Steve Ellison//Flying Lotus' work counts 5 albums in 8 years. His last endeavor seems like a eulogy and as such, it does not feature death, but the concentrated knowledge of our past. Anyway, this album is like a corpse, it makes tou sick but you cannot take your eyes away. It tells you a truth, the biggest one. The influence behind this albums is his aunt Alice Coltrane's death. It is the best album of his career. 
- [Smaragda Nitsopoulou]

24(-). Quantic - Magnetica

Our favourite Quantic this year released one of his best solo albums. 'Magnetic' stands out at the ears of those who love latin-world styles that have made him a legend, especially in the Greek audience. - [Leonidas Kalmoukos]

23. Warpaint - Warpaint
With 'The Fool', they had gained a spot among 2010's best. Four years later, Warpaint strike again with their second album and climb up. With the help of top producers  Flood and Nigel Godrich, and strong and carefully planned compositions, the four girls from Los Angeles have created an impecable work that contains one of this year's hit, the playfully funky “Disco//Very”, without forgetting last year's classic  “Love Is To Die”. - [Odysseas Pavlou]

22.Manic Street Preachers - Futurology
"Forgotten by God and man" the Welsh arrived in Berlin to try out their own German musical dream. The reslut justifies their choice and compensated all of us who waited something more than one or two hits. Not that "Futurology" lacks songs in their familiar style called "stadium rock" (that neither Muse, nor Arctic Monkeys, not even Manic have discovered). The thing that makes this album stand out in their thirty-year-odl carrer is that it combines the impetuosity of their youth with the artistic perfection of their maturity. Do not listen to it because of the critical success it's made. Listen to it because you still live old-fashioned guitars and meaningful lyrics. - [Orestis Kazasidis]

21. FKA Twigs - LP1
Tahliah Barnett's relationship with music started when she was a dancer in video clips for Kylie Minogue and Jessie J, among others. No one expected this girl could hide an enormous talent in music, composition, production and whatever elese you can think. FKA Τwigs created a very interesting album that could be the soundtrack of a lover's night, while some girls could see themselves in her lyrics, as they seem that came out their personal diaries.
- [Costas Housiadas]

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