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Boy Harsher: Την προηγούμενη φορά νιώσαμε ευπρόσδεκτοι στην Αθήνα

Boy Harsher: Last time we felt truly welcomed in Athens

Just before their show at Plisskën Festival 2019, Boy Harsher talk about their music, their tour, and their festival experiences.
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Just before their show at Plisskën Festival 2019, Boy Harsher talk about their music, their tour, and their festival experiences.

MixGrill: Careful" has very good score in all the Critic Reviews. Did you expect this acclaim?
Jae: I didn’t know what to expect. Feel grateful that people seem into it!

MG: Only three years have passed since your first album. How different was your approach in creating the new album? Is this up-tempo approach a change or an experimentation?

Gus: So this is kinda confusing because we’ve rereleased stuff so much, but here’s the real breakdown for releases. Lesser Man (September 2014), Yr Body is Nothing (June 2016), Country Girl (October 2017), Careful (February 2019). We’ve been writing and touring non stop since we formed in Early 2014.

MG: Can you tell us a bit more about the origin of the cover photo and the thoughts for selecting it?

Jae: All of our previous album artwork are stills from VHS shorts I made while in Savannah. We wanted to stay true to that condition - so we shot all this material with a HI 8 camera in order to pull a still. That material actually evolved into a music video for Face the Fire. 

MG: Your lyrics are harmoniously dressing your musical style and so far they talk about the absence, loneliness, pain (through its many forms, fleeing through love - but also the need to escape from love) Is there any other feeling that you would like to share and express through your lyrics and music in the future?

Jae: Someone once told me that I am the loneliest person they’ve ever met and the way I channel that grief is beautiful. Take that as you will, but I probably will be writing about my isolation and longing for as long as I write.

MG: You seem to be quite busy touring the new album. What are your impressions from your tour?

Jae: It’s been a wild year! Touring is a series of really short, emotional impressions so I am not sure what it all means added up. You still get nervous about shows, you still want to connect to the room, have good sound, not fall off the stage. It’s fun and uneasy. Also, I get terribly homesick. 

Gus: It’s been really amazing we’ve been able to travel so far and wide with it. We’ve sold out shows from St. Petersburg to Seattle, WA. It’s pretty surreal.

MG: This summer you're playing in several European festivals. Do you see any differences in the events and fans between the US and Europe?

Jae: There are some cultural differences. Nothing extreme. 

MG: It will be your second time in Greece. What do you remember from the first visit and concert two years ago?

Jae: Our first visit had a lasting effect - we really had an amazing time. Walking around The Acropolis, eating amazing food, wandering around at nighttime. Our hosts were super gracious and we felt truly welcomed in the city. The show itself was wild - people were climbing up the rafters! I was really happy to come back.

MG: What are your expectations for the upcoming gig, given that this time it will be in a summer festival?  Are you familiar with any other Greek festival?

Jae: Can’t say that I am familiar with other festivals, nor do I know what to expect. Can’t wait to see Lebanon Hanover, Giant Swan, and Giorgio Moroder. 

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