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Bryan Adams: "I would definitely choose the arena rock of the 80s over the MTV global breakthrough of the 90s"

Bryan Adams answers our questions a few days before his comeback concert in Athens, after 27 years.

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Bryan Adams returns to Greece after 27 years. With one more album included in his discography, "Shine A Light", he will once again present his own brand of classic rock for the ultimate feel good concert experience.

While he's touring Europe at the moment, we got him to answer some of our questions: about his new album, his songwriting partner Jim Vallance and photography. But he didn't stop there. From his dream supergroup to the MTV era of the 90s, Bryan has got a lot to say.

Xenofon Karampalis: Bryan, Greetings from Greece! Lets Start with your new album "Shine A Light". You return to a more traditional rock sound with tracks like "All Or Nothing" or "Driving Under the Influence of Love", while keeping a more modern production in the title track and "That's How Strong Our Love Is". Was this sound evolution a conscious decision, like a blink of an eye to both past and present, or part of the creative process?

Bryan Adams: I would have to say that it is a little bit of both. Of course, I have always been influenced by great performers of the 70’s and 80’s so there will always be a hint of that in all of my music. But the creative process lead me to discover more contemporary sounds and innovative processes that aid me in the creation of new music.

ΧΚ: How did co-writing with Ed Sheeran and the vocal duet with Jennifer Lopez came to be?

BA: Honestly, I just sent Ed and email asking him to collaborate, as he is very difficult to track down. He agreed to help me, and we just corresponded back and forth. Jennifer Lopez was so gracious to accept my invite to collaborate with me. I am very thankful to both for agreeing to be part of my new album.

XK: Your sound palette includes all kinds of genres from flamenco (with Paco De Lucia) to trance/electronica (with Chicane) and even opera crossover projects (with Pavarotti). Are there any other musical territories that you would like to reach in the future?

I can’t say currently, but I am always looking for collaborations between different genres. So I am hoping.

"I would definitely choose the arena rock of the 80s over the MTV global breakthrough of the 90s"

XK: Since the early days the BA core touring band is essentially you, Keith Scott and Mickey Curry. You even toured as a trio back in the late 90's/early '00s. What is the key behind the longevity of this music bond?

BA: Respect. Everyone should always have respect for everyone’s thoughts, concerns and also creative processes. Once that is achieved,it’s not such a problem.

ΧΚ: Your collaboration with Jim Vallance has been revived this last decade, especially since "Get Up!". You've also worked together for the "Pretty Woman" musical. What brought back the flame and what would be the next project of your songwriting partnership?

Jim and I have had a very long history. I have always believed in being loyal to the people who have helped you and with whom you
work great with. So, we have always had a great creative relationship. I am hoping that we will continue working on new things as time goes on as we have always done amazing things together.

XK: You did the "Bare Bones" tour a few years back, where it was (almost) only you on stage, trying to bring the songs back to their primitive state. Are you thinking of revisiting this concept?

BA: Maybe! It wasn’t so easy. But maybe I will have the chance in the future.

XK: Which era would you choose to relive: Τhe rise of 80s arena rock or the MTV global breakthrough of the 90s?

BA: Definitely the 80’s rock. I have always been a great fan of the 70’s and 80’s hard rock scene so I would love to be able to be a part of it once more.

"In my own supergroup I would pick people from the great bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, the Alice Cooper band, Black Sabbath and also some new guys like Ed Sheeran"

XK: One of your famous hits, "Run To You", was originally written for Blue Öyster Cult while "When The Night Comes" was included in Joe Cocker's "One Night of Sin" album. Are there any other songs that were written with other artists in mind?

BA: At the moment I can’t think of other ones, but it’s definitely not something foreign for me to do.

XK: After your work with Jeff Lynne I can easily imagine you as a member of the Traveling Wilburys (The Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne supergroup) . Which artists would you include in your own supergroup?

BA: I would love to include some of my all-time favorites that I have been inspired by, but also some great new talents of the present. But for example, if I had my choice, I would pick people from the great bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, the Alice Cooper band, Black Sabbath and also some new guys like Ed Sheeran. If it was possible, I think that amazing things could’ve been created.

XK: You certainly draw inspiration from both photography and music. Does the one complement the other in terms of creativity?

BA: think that many creative ventures have similar structures. Therefore it isn’t very difficult to do crossovers.

XK: It's been 27 years since your last concert in Greece. Can you remember anything from you trip here, back when you were playing the "Waking Up The Neighbours tour"?

BA: Yes, I definitely remember that the warm welcoming people and the food. The culture overall made an impact on me as it is very different from surrounding countries. I enjoyed it very much and that is why I am very excited to be back.

XK: What would be the most extravagant banner you've ever seen in one of your concerts? Our plan is to outdo it in the Athens gig!

You know what, surprise me. I love to see different and cool banners.

Bryan Adams will play live in Athens on Monday November 18 at the OAKA Indoor Basketball Arena. Tickets are still available online at viva.gr


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