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Giorgos Baliotis
Mathematics, Telecommunications, Music, radio from 1994 (now on Tuesdays 8-10 pm @ MindRadio.gr), responsible for radio station "Horos 94,2", chief editor at "Horos ZIN" magazine, chief editor at Mix Grill from 2008.

Picks of the hour - 0913

On 7 April the new album one of one of the greatest rockers, Neil Young will be released. Listen to the entire disk (" Fork in the road ") here and watch videos of 5 songs in the official site of Neil Young .

02/04/09 14:30

Picks of the hour - 0909

For about 6 months, the "Picks of the hour" inform Mix Grill readers for new music and the ways in which you can download songs, videos or other things about your favorite bands / musicians legaly.

Let's see what we have in grill today ...

05/03/09 14:00