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The second album of the Friendly Fires

The Friendly Fires have begun to work on their second album, to be released by May.
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We continue in presenting information on what you can hear in the new year with the plans of the Friendly Fires .

According to vocalist Ed MacFarlane they have already started working on their second album, which they intend to record in the studio early 2010 and to release by May.

In an interview with BBC 6 he said: "We have about four tracks done already, which is really good because we only came off the road about a month ago, so we’re really please with the way it’s panning out."

About the pressure that they might be feeling after the first successful eponymous album of 2008, MacFarlane replied that they are not trying to write pop successes because then you lose the point, but that they write what comes naturally. And although they've spent so much time touring there is no tension in the group, they're just happy to be back in the studio.

"We’ve known each other since we were 13 years-old and we’re pretty used to each other’s company to be honest..."

Friendly Fires - Kiss Of Life

Friendly Fires - On Board (Synch Festival 2009)

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