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Rereleases of Fall

'This Nation's Saving Grace' is rereleased by Beggars Banquet and more to come ...
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The albums released by Fall, either new releases, compilations or live albums, surely come close to a hundred, but every now and then we have the necessary revisions that make us lose the count ...

This time it's Beggars Banquet, which with the Omnibus series, will add new revisions to the list .

The first is the album 'This Nation's Saving Grace' released for the first time since 1985.

This new edition, which will be released as soon this nation's saving grace as it has the blessings of Mark E. Smith, will consist of 3 CD and the necessary volume of relevant notes. The second CD contains crude and alternative mixes of songs such as, among others, 'Cruisers Creek', 'Rollin' Dany', 'Couldn't Get Ahead' and selected tracks from those left out of the tracklist, and the third includes the singles and tracks from Peel sessions.

After 'This Nation's Saving Grace' series there will be 'The Wonderful And Frightening World of the Fall' and still more to come ...

The Fall - Cruiser's Creek

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