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The fifth Beatle

Who is the most active of the remaining Beatles? Who designed a t-shirt on behalf of H & M to help the fight against AIDS and released a new album in September?
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Certainly not one of Ringo Star and Paul McCartney. The glory belongs to Ms.Yoko Ono, widow of late John Ono Lennon. Entire generations throughout the world hate her for holding her in charge of dismantling the Beatles .

Not unfairly, possibly, when you consider that Lennon was the first who broke the rule, the members of the group had not to bring women at the studio where they worked together. Even when Lennon tried to convince them that Yoko would serve as artistic director, her constant interference in the work of the beatles was another step to lift and accentuate the existing problems among them.

lennonono2 Besides the Beatles, she made an awkward invasion in the personal life of the author of Give peace a chance. Wearing the robe of Cynthia Lennon, Yoko greeted the wife of John at the house of the then family Lennon, who had just returned from  holidays in Greece, having once shared a night of passion and creation with John. Then came the divorce from Cynthia and the notorious marriage of Gibraltar which led to the frantic trip around the world to highlight the Bed-in for Peace. The already very famous and hunted by the media couple has further stretched the celebrity and themselves with hunger strikes, diets and more mysterious drugs.

After the death of John Lennon in 1980, worked with top names in the music industry such as: Elvis Costello, Roberta Flack, Pet Shop Boys, Tricky, Porcupine Tree and Flaming Lips and many others. This year, several years after its first appearance, the band of Yoko Yoko / Ono Plastic Ono Band has released albums Between My Head and the Sky. She also funded a number of monuments, museums and took many artistic initiatives, thus maintaining the relationship with the biggest names in the music industry: John Lennon and, by extension The Beatles.

I am absolutely sure that without Yoko John's life would be quieter, more boring and longer. On the contrary, if she had not met the man who saw her as God's present to him, she would have lived the expected life of a short peculiar Japanese artist.

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