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interview: WIRE

D. Antonopoulos spoke on Wednesday's show with Colin Newman of Wire & learned a number of interesting things  about the new album with in the making & a great chance to see them in Greece!
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Influenced (decisively) names like MANIC STREET PREACHERS, REM, CURE, BLUR, BLOC PARTY, FRANZ FERDINAND ... One of the major bands of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen ... the legendary WIRE!

Colin Newman to be honest, was for some time one of my personal 'I've always wanted to...' so this interview was much more than 'yet another interview' ... I am therefore pleased to find out that they may appear within the next month in Athens! It was about time ...

While those who are preparing for PRIMAVERA SOUND 2010 will enjoy them along with FALL, PIXIES, GRIZZLY BEAR and many other great names...  Colin Newman was visibly cheerful and I truly enjoyed the conversation with him.

He spoke about Primavera of course among others, as well as the new album that is in the making! As for the days and nights in the legendary London's ROXY back in 1977 and the masterpiece 'PINK FLAG' (there is no serious list of the most important albums that does not contain it *) listen to the interview!

I hope we'll see them in Athens soon ...

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