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Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, it was the Gorillaz (Sound System)

Gorillaz Sound System gave an audiovisual show turning the indoor tae kwo do stadium into a club.
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Just before 23.00 at the entrance to the indoor tae kwo do stadium in Faliro there's panic because Cyanna have just come down from stage and also the rumors that tickets were exhausted are confirmed.

People are looking to buy a ticket, to ask, while from inside voices and applause are heard from the impatient crowd expecting Gorillaz Sound System to appear on occasion of the party of FAQ . Just before midnight the music stopped, the lights turned off and the show began. The boon for those already in was that we would finally see a live comfortably without being crammed. And Gorillaz, had come to make us dance a lot!

The members of the group-in their-expected position at the back of the stage set the pace and roused the crowd playing all the great hits of the Gorillaz. First came Dirty Harry and Clint Eastwood and later Feel Good inc. and other hits followed. At the same time, they also mixed other well-known songs such as Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, Tik Tok by Keisha etc. The space was since early converted to a big club and if anything we all danced, enjoyed and applauded.

In front of the stage and down its length were projectors showing graphics and our favorite cartoon, the Gorillaz. The same also in the back of the stage.

Anyone who has been in the same place for a concert remembers poor sound quality. The same happened yesterday, thus removing some of the quality of the show which in other countries has better audio-visual effect. Also, the quality of the projector, or lighting used did not bring out the graphics leading to more time seeing a dark thing we could only imagine what it was.

In short, I think the show was a little wronged by the venue and the disruption caused by a sell out of tickets. Of course, it was logical that this would happen since the band was great and the price was very tempting. The show and the mood of the group was well-placed and it showed to the crowd that never stopped dancing. In other countries that GSS appeared can be seen, at least from videos that have been posted in Youtube , that in a better place the show would have appeared better and the quality would be much better than what we saw on Saturday.  

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