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A Vintage hero in "Mikro Pallas"

On Wednesday night, a "Vintage" type gave a two hour show for people of music and media. Somewhere amongst them, there we were ...

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The photos are of our photographer Theo Saltavareas.

First, let's put some assumptions on the table:

(01) Vassilikos is one of the best active Greek singers and the best in English verse!
(02) The Vintage, the first solo album is very interesting, even if it contains none of his own song, but only covers of favorite songs (from the 60s mostly).
(03) In this album he manages to interpret songs made famous by male interpretations and in exactly the same way he "gets around" with pieces based on female vocals.

Having made that clear, let us begin our story. Next Sunday 14 / 3 Vassilikos with his band appear for just four
live-performances   in "Mikro Pallas" (14, 15, 21, 22/03). On Wednesday night, a "Vintage" type gave the two hour show for the people of music and media. Somewhere in there were we...


The "Mikro Pallas" besides being small, is warm enough with the audience close to the stage. The place is definitely theatrical and the question of coexistence of music and theater was a point I had been thinking for quite some time before 9:40 pm, when Vassilikos was found on the scene. Theater definitely needs music, but can music be shown in a theatrical way? I think so ... Especially when the songs  have covered the soundtracks of several plays.

The "Vintage" and its songs fit in the place, as the latter offered itself so as to feel comfortable in it. Even if some of the narrative words of Vassilikos, among the pieces did not manage to provide the atmosphere that might have liked, in one way or another had created a nice environment of anticipation.

Vassilikos The idea of the appearance of Theo Gkoutsidi (guitar) at the beginning of the show, who himself was preparing his guitar after trying to light 2 candles (to create the atmosphere
...), and the words of Vassilikos between the songs, I think, are successful ideas, even if I believe that the texts of Vassilikos could in some cases be transferred in a more theatrical world. In some cases this was done by using a variety of sounds from his guitar and that of Theo.

After an hour and after we had heard most of the songs of "Vintage", the band left for a "short break" (In the words of Vassilikos). In a few moments I first heard the "good evening" of the host. "In the second part I talk to people and is not like the first ..." The next hour gave us the excellent covers of the "You are my destiny" and "All tomorrows parties", and several pieces that did not enter the final "Vintage".

My impression is that in the second part Vassilikos' voice broke free and showed some of the incredible potential it has. I think that in some cases in the first part he did not highlight as much as he should. But as several of us attend the Vassilikos and Raining Pleasure  quite some time, we know that he may go lead his voice exactly where he wants. That's why he takes up projects, such as "Vintage" and "Reflections" with Raining Pleasure.


As far as the music part of the show, I think the choice of music is quite good and discern the presence of Seraphim Giannakopoulos on drums (very strong!) and Theo on guitars. The sound was good.

After two hours full of V + V (Vassilikos + Vintage), the hearing of the extraordinary "You are my destiny" at home, ended a beautiful evening, which got pretty good evidence, though frankly I think there are a few points which can be improved.

On Sunday is the official premiere! Watch it and hear it, because not every day you see something similar ...

Vassilikos On the stage of the "Mikro Pallas" Vassilikos and with him are:

Theo Gkoutsidis: guitars, lap steel
Vassilis Triantafyllopoulos: Keys
Stelios Provis: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Seraphim Giannakopoulos: Drums, Percussion, loops

Sets-costumes: Angelos Mentis
Sound: Costas Vamvoukas

Shows :
sunday 14 / 3 - Monday 15 / 3
sunday 21 / 3 - Monday 22 / 3
Start Time: 21.00


America 2 & Lodge Spyromiliou, CityLink
Phone 210 32 1002 5

www.myspace. com / vassilikos

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