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Stunts are over for Iggy Pop

Even if someone doesn't even know a song of Iggy Pop, he certainly has the image of a long-haired blond who dives half-naked on the crowd. At least until now.

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Long Blond hair, impressive veins, thin that gets ready and dives off the stage. Who is he? Of course the 62yearold Iggy Pop.

Only things will change a little for the singer as he stated that he'll stop the stunts on stage. The reason was a nasty fall at a recent concert in New York in Carnegie Hall, while he stage dived and none from the public caught him.

As Iggy said, the drop hurt and he then decided he should say goodbye to his favorite habit. Of course the public is not happy with it, but who will guarantee  the singer that there will always be someone beneath to save him from the nasty (and painful) falls?

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