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As you recall, we announced the concert of the great Bob Dylan in Terra Vibe long ago. Let's look at the official details now for tickets, etc. ..

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As you remember, we announced the major concert of Bob Dylan in Terra
long ago. Let's look at the official details now  tickets, etc. ..

Press Release

from Mr. Zimmerman ... to Bob Dylan

Fifty years of wandering in music, an uncomfortable stone still rolls!

Saturday 29 2010, TERRA VIBE PARK

Presale of tickets for the concert of Bob Dylan begins on Tuesday, April 13 at 10:30 .

One of the greatest legends of the music worldwide, one of the most influential figures of the last fifty years, Mr. Bob Dylan, comes to Greece!

Together with his band in Never Ending Tour , a tour that started in 1988 and still goes on, counting more than 2000 gigs, opens in Athens this year's tour of European shows, a unique concert, Saturday, May 29, 2010 at Terra Vibe Park.

« Like a rolling stone », that is Mr. Bob Dylan, original musician and poet. He was the catalyst for rock music, an emblematic figure for five decades. From January 1961, when a twenty year old nameless Mr. Robert Allen Zimmerman goes to New York to meet his idol, Woody Guthrie, musician and singer American folk scene, it took until today many rolling stones and tons of ink spilled on to explain the size of genius, who became Bob Dylan!

BobDylan The enigma remains unsolved even after five decades. Who really is Bob Dylan? he has been called "singer of the working class" "militant troubadour", "silent rebel", "mentor", "prophet", "Judas", "poet"... for the last in fact he has been proposed for the Nobel prize of literature. He has not helped at all in solving the myth, dealing with other arts beyond music (he writes poetry and prose, he paints, has been working with film, he is a radio producer).

In fact, Bob Dylan is none of these and all of these simultaneously. Once, he said with modesty: "... instead of saying everything it's been said about me, they could do something very simple. Decode my verses. Then they would know everything about me».

There's a trap that the artist sets himself to the millions of fans. It seems like he proclaims that in his work all the answers are hidden, but who can claim that he/she holds all of his work? Through constant twists and self-negation, this petit American  lifts on his back the weight of modern rock music and simultaneously with one move, a new album, does not hesitate to fly on top of what is taken for granted and start new adventures, without any respect to the past he carries.

He has been featured by the magazine Rolling Stone "as the biggest solo artist", has been awarded an Academy Award and 11  Grammy Awards. So far, the path is marked by 55 albums (!), some of which sealed the season. From his first album under his name, until the "Blonde on blonde" (1966)-the flagship double album of his generation, to "Love and Theft" (2001) - the album- point for his children's generation and until the last  "Together through life" (2009), Bob Dylan does not stop to record some of the greatest albums of all time.

BobDylan And he goes on with the same clever and often ironic gaze,  his eye to all aspiring scholars, critics, and this characteristic hoarseness of his voice, like saying "I'm not, no I'll never be where you expect me to be ..."

He may have been prohibited to appear in Beijing, but will definitely be in Terra Vibe Park Saturday, May 29, 2010! The Greek public will have the opportunity to meet a living legend!

He will interpret songs - tales like "Like a rolling stone", "Sugar baby", "Lay Lady Lay", "Knocking on the heaven's door", "Blowing in the wind"

Ladies and gentlemen let us welcome in Greece, Mr. Bob Dylan!

Pre-sale for the concert by Bob Dylan begins
Tuesday, April 13 at 10:30

The first 2500 tickets cost 39 €
After the exhaustion the general admission ticket will cost 45 €
The VIP class ticket costs 75 €
Tickets sold on the day of the concert will cost 50 €

Points of presale


Ticket House, 42 Panepistimiou (in the arcade)
Telephone: 210 3608 366

Ticket House, Metropoleos 102
Telephone: 2310 264880

Online Sales or purchases by credit card, 24 hours / hour:
www.ticketpro.gr | www.tickethouse.gr .

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