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Editors @ Principal (Thessaloniki)

The first appearance of the English group in Thessaloniki-Greece. We were there!

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Venue: Principal
The band: Editors
People: Many, but not Sold-out.
Organization- Sound: Very good
Start: at 22:30 with "In this light and on this evening"
Finish: at 24:00 with" Fingers In The Factories "
Encore: 4 songs.

It was the first appearance of the editors in the city of Thessaloniki, and judging by the response of the world certainly will not be the last.Principal is one of the largest venues in the city (if not the largest) and the concert was definitely a challenge for organizers.

The time was around 10.30 when the British band went on stage and the beginning was very strong! The lack of support band does not seem to have influenced the audience that was pretty hot and seems to know a lot of songs of the band.

The line up was identical to all previous concerts

1. In This Light And On This Evening
2. Lights
3. An End Has A Start
and 4. You Don't Know Love
5. Bones
6. A Life As A Ghost
? 7. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
8. Blood
9. Escape The Nest
10. Last Day
11. Bullets
12. The Big Exit
13. The Racing Rats
14. Munich
15. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors


16. No Sound But The Wind
17 . Bricks And Mortar
18. Papillon
19. Fingers In The Factories

In general people seem to know the most "commercial" parts of the group: An end has a start, Bullets, Munich and of course the papillon in which the whole audience were dancing!

The specificity of the band I would say is that they have completely different pace and style of their songs.Therefore the nearly two hour set was a continuous change from dark alternative sounds to more electronic pop songs

The live finished at 12.01 (!) by Fingers In The Factories with the crowd leaving with the best impression. Overall, the English band was as professional as needed, giving all the energy and power on stage to satisfy people. Nevertheless, it seems that they are experimenting in music (especially their last record) between electronic pop radio-hits and dark indie tracks in an effort to find their own music identity. In their next live in Greece (definitely will be one after such a commercial success) we would love to see more "conscious music" but with the same energy.

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