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Wooden Shjips @ An Club, Athens Greece

Ninety minutes took the first appearance in Greece, of the Californians, fans of the Doors and Mix Grill was there and brings you images and sounds

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Nechayevschina, who began immediately after I arrived, left a good impression with the fitting for the event, the psychedelic sound, with many oriental elements, but several exaggerations about the length of their tracks. Kids enjoy what they're doing,they are never going to have any success with this type of music in Greece and I'm sure they know it.
For the Wooden Shjips I have to say that  did not surprise me at all and this is rather negative. They played all the familiar songs with the sole exception of maybe Down By The Sea and all at a speed above  than they are used to and with the characteristic  echo on vocals. Personally, I would like to hear both the Contact, and the low-key Blue Sky Bends from their first album, but never mind. Was an issue in their sound, namely the voice was quite low, but I am sure this was not the choice of the band. The set lasted about 90 minutes with the encore and as a highlight will distinguish Fallin 'and of course the Aquarian Time, which anyway is the most rhythmic song of their music creations .

The Playlist of the evening, with minor reservations (thanks Manolis):

1. I Hear The Vibrations
2. New # 1 (new song)
3. Motorbike
4. For So Long
5. Fallin '
6. We Ask You To Ride
7. Aquarian Time
8. Loose Lips
9. Lucy's Ride
10. Vampire Blues
11. Losin 'Time
12. Death's Not Your Friend

Here's the dark Loose Lips ... directed by ody

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