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Tired Pony: a supergroup from Scotland and America

Members of Snow Patrol, REM and Belle and Sebastian join forces under the name Tired Pony.

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G.Lightbody A new side project with members from both sides of the Atlantic will draw its first album on July 12.

We're talking about Tired Pony, the P.Buck group that the lead singer of Scottish Snow Patrol Gary Lightbody with the help of drummer of Belle and Sebastian Richard Colburn , Peter Buck of REM and Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows/Minus Five/REM created (besides Tired Pony Buck and McCaughey participate in another supergroup, The Baseball Project along with Steve Wynn).

Tiredpony The album by Tired Pony will be titled 'The Place We Ran From' and will be released from Fiction on July 12 as mentioned above and also has contributions from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward of She & Him and singer Editors Tom Smith.

Lightbody told BBC 6 Music said that the album is "a perverse love letter to America." Influenced by his love for music by Calexico, Lambchop, Palace, Smog and Wilco, Tired Pony is the attempt to write country music looking at the dark side of America.

The first single from the album will be 'Dead American Writers' and will be released the same day as the album.

Songs of 'The Place We Ran From' are:

' Northwestern Skies '
' Get On The Road '
' Point Me At Lost Islands'
' Dead American Writers '
' Held In The Arms Of Your Words '
' That Silver Necklace '
' I Am A Landslide '
' The Deepest Ocean There Is '
' The Good Book '
' Pieces'

See below am eight minute video from the recordings of 'The Place We Ran From' to get an idea of the music of Tired Pony and you can visit the group here .

An Introduction To Tired Pony

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