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FM to Web Vol.30: Sky Saxon

No I won't wait till fall when the collection-tribute to Sky Saxon and SEEDS (with names like: Iggy Pop, Fuzztones, Electric Prunes, Hawkwind, Savage Republic ...) will be on the market.
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 No I won't wait till fall when the collection-tribute to Sky Saxon and SEEDS (with names like: Iggy Pop , Fuzztones, Electric Prunes, Chocolate Watchband, Arthur Brown, Hawkwind, Savage Republic, Damned ...) will be on the market in order to do a news article. I do not give a damn about the 'news'.

The summer is close and the day is approaching when it's going to be one year since the day Sky "left" ... and I still remember it as if it were yesterday, leaving for vacation and not being able to realize it ... Spoiled my mood .. certainly not the death of ' Sky Saxon ', but the death of Sky ...

Generous, direct, and at the same time so unpredictable ... Maybe that's why  he left  suddenly, without anyone expecting it, since few days ago he was on stage. Where he felt free ...

We were talking about meeting in September, he would stay at my place for a few days with his wife, we would talk about some musical projects and plans that had in mind (great ideas), we would probably drop to the island of Paros and it seems to me that I was telling him to get him in touch with Julian Cope (who anyway loves and adores Sky) .., and he was telling me again and again that no doubt would he tell Rocky Erickson that it was worth it to talk to me in an interview on Rockzone ..

SkySaxon I was telling the first time I saw him in a memorable live in Gagarin .. With Fleshtones as support band and with Sky Saxon getting us high, later on ... Literally, though ... (one of the best I ever saw live ..) and he would answer me  "I must find Iggy Pop soon! Can you imagine us both on stage ... TOGETHER! This will be a surprise! This will be a live and you will see how I can be even better!"

Ultimately, this will never happen, but definitely wherever he is, he is  feeling satisfied  and pleased for the participation of Iggy in the tribute album to be released in a few months. I'm sure of it. He loved Iggy ... and he always remembered with pride  a 'high' and a little 'dark' but different guy, always sitting in the first row ... always in the front on the live gigs of Seeds .. 'Name: Jim Morrison ...'

One of the most important books ever fell into my hands is the 'Hippie' of Barry Miles. Within the pages of the soul, the content of the sixties, unfolds like a river. From Monterey, to the UFO Club in London and Pink Floyd and the Altamont and the Stones, Timothy Leary ... and with the words of Barry Miles I will close these five lines today in memory of Sky.

 " One of the first psychedelic bands in Los Angeles were the Seeds. Representing a hedonistic side of the movement, Sky Saxon hidden in his home in Malibu, which dominated the Atlantic and had a huge pool, waterfall, jacuzzi and all these psychedelic 'toys' a dandy needs to make him look relaxed. " Yes ... Sky Saxon Was the original dandy of a generation so that's how I will always remember him, whenever I hear for the thousandth time, songs like this. ..

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