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A few days ago was 30 years from the suicide of Ian Curtis. So I thought it would be easy to do 'another article' about Joy Division...
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A few days ago was 30 years from the suicide of Ian Curtis. So I thought it would be easy to do 'another article' about Joy Division, besides I recently had the chance to host in Rockzone an interview with Peter Hook, where among others things he talked about Ian, on the occasion of the masterpiece 'Closer'.

Instead, however, I find it more interesting (in the sense that there were SIMULTANEOUSLY hundreds of articles about Joy Division ) to write today about another top band from Manchester, the unique PASSAGE.

I really do not know what to say... It is one of the cases to put it mildly, that makes you wonder if there's a God... I would almost make it 'obligatory' (!) for everyone out there, to buy their discography.. If the term 'talent and genius in art', has a worthy match for the years of British post Punk, that is non other than Passage .

ThePassage It is not so easy to talk about such a favorite band... And it's not because you know that strong feelings are not 'captured' in words, not restricted so easily per say... and this band, ONLY with such intensity (and value) are the emotions they give the audience. I would say it's definitely the just equivalent of FALL, in importance and stature, meaning quality, but in electronic sound... A hundred years AHEAD of their time, from the beginning in 1978 until the end, which came rather quickly in 1983.

This music has no age, nor era and it's not important if we are in 2010 or 2050... It always sounds completely fresh, current and uniquely enjoyable. In the age of Google, there is a great danger: the danger of laziness. The one hiding behind the ease of access to everything ... For this and ON PURPOSE I will not cite specific data and information here ... No! Look for yourselves (!) the details of this undoubtedly top band, if you want, of course.

I was lucky a few months ago, to have an interview with Richard Witts and Joe McKechnie in my show. Direct, friendly and truly special both of them... The rest about Passage, look for yourselves and believe me it is worth it... The best kept 'secret' of Manchester will repay you... And that the albums are recirculated by LTM in Britain, I consider it a DIVINE gift ...

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