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J.M.Jarre @ Athens: I feel Greek

For days I've been wondering how this man fills all venues he plays in and how he manages with his music (without vocals) to get people to love him!
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Who : Jean Michel Jarre
Where: at the Tae Kwon Do Stadium, at Faliro
Organization : Fine
Sound : flawless
People: Sold out and very hot. Ages 30 and above average.
Duration : 2 hours and something.
Start : at 9:55 PM
The first encore : 11:38 PM
The second : 11:52 PM
We finally said goodbye at : 11:59 PM
A complaint : The parking of the Tae Kwon Do Stadium is really great and it's very easy to arrive there. But when so many thousands of people want to leave it at the same time we were forced to wait a lot. Should we choose (myself included) the means of transportation in corresponding cases, and of course should the show end before 12 so as to catch the bus?

Some of the songs played :

Oxygene Part 2 (this began),
Magnetic Fields Part 1,
Equinoxe Part 5,
Rendez Vous Part 3 (this was playing with the graphics),
Quatrieme Rendez-Vous/Fourth,
Equinox Part 4,
Souvenir de China,

Rendez Vous Part 4,
Oxygen Part 5,
Adagio (new song),
Rendez Vous Part 2,
Chronologie 6,
Oxygene Part 4


It was the first time I saw Jean Michel Jarre in a concert. An incredible musician with so much history! For days I wondered how this man fills all places, playing his music and how he manages that with his music (without vocals) to get people that much excited!

Here's the answer: Put a pot of a fantastic musician with tremendous knowledge and a new 25-year-old hyper energetic full of optimism and dreams young man and there you have it. Stir, stir, and what you get is Jean Michel!

Last night at 8:30 PM was in Faliro Indoor Stadium (Tae Kwon Do) and the queues at the entrance of the stadium showed the size of the crowd, and ages (30 and over). Entering the venue you could see the whole stadium with seats. I do not like the "sited" concerts, but do not think we were sitting for a long time ...


21:55 , the lights go out, the first notes of Oxygen Part 2 put us to the whole atmosphere and we are starting to look for Jean Michel. A few seconds later, he was appearing from behind and passed in the hallway amongst us.

Humping like a little child, he went on stage to greet us. As they did on Saturday the Thievery Corporation,  Jarre told us that he understands the difficult financial situation and considers that it is not right that a country with such a culture to be in this situation. And there he also acknowledges that: "Today I feel that I am Greek ".

JeanMichellJarre Throughout the evening Jean Michel Jarre took the microphone and thanked us. Frankly I lost the account of how many "euharisto" and "thank you" he said.

But not only that, which shows the desire to be close to the public, throughout the concert he played a bunch of instruments, he ran back and forth uplifting the people, dancing during the songs. As if he wanted to show us how good he is ... But we know it well!

Within two hours and few minutes he played on stage almost all his hits. In the early part not too many visuals effects were put in use, because you he would probably want to put us on the climate slowly, slowly. Thereafter, the visuals showed off the whole gig and I believe the cameras that offered us live black and white picture of what did the musicians on stage were raising significantly every piece and we were confident that "John" is a "cunning" on scene.

JeanMichellJarre Impressive was certainly the effect of the "visual "strings that appeared in front of the stage and using special tools Jarre played Rendez Vous Part 3.

The crowd was warm and were applauding over the tracks (not only at the end). But the point at which the whole live show took off that was 20 minutes before the end of the concert. If you include the encore, for 40 minutes most people were standing, clapping and dancing to the rhythm stipulated by Jean Michel.

Do you know of many musicians who manage to do so?

Top moments:
Equinoxe Part 5, Quatrieme
Rendez-Vous/Fourth, Oxygen Part 5, Rendez Vous Part
2, Oxygene Part 4

After all these I really believe that he will come back next year.

Photos by Olga Kalantzi.

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