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FM to Web: Apo tis 4 stis 5

But what I mean, what I know, is that in the name of Petridis not only a generation or an era, but the radio and its history itself are being fought.
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I feel that this story with Giannis Petridis 'facing' new times (hm...) and new practices, could easily be a great source of inspiration for the next album of the Residents ... and don't laugh at all ...

Maybe I spoke (again ... hm), with some of the incredible  and unbelievable 'unknown' friends and they burst out laughing with all that is happening, in that case .. I will not go (I have the right, it affects me and not my job)into  the details of this story, which I can comfortably imagine however, always in relation to the working point of the matter ...

But I want to say what I know and that is that in the name of Petridis not only a generation or an era but
the SAME radio and history is being fought. So simple. Of course, the famous question of our time is the first crisis of values, priorities, and while this crisis in transparency gives the wonderful excuse from the financial part, is at the same time a 'golden' opportunity to bring down LIVE symbols (in a way ...)

Of course I'm not saying that dark forces and decision-makers acted (?)... I think the worse shame is that this is happening ... (Even through 'moments' of the times that are changing ..) Gannis Petridis   'does not have a show' ... The show has Petridis close to four decades now and Petridis has us all, even though some of us still do not stay tuned with it anymore. This also does not mean much. In these financial times ( it's been a while since I last heard him...) I caught myself not being tuned just with anything specific, not even with the other person, but not even with my own self yet ...

I'm pretty sure also that Giannis sees it as a 'median' and understands it during  the times he is in the air, like rather a better way to communicate with himself ... Most likely, in my opinion. I also have to say here that the last of Rolling Stones (except from latest - last) I haven't heard for years. This does not mean that it is not one of my fondest 7-8 bands. Certainly, of course ... I could say much more here, but will close by simply saying the obvious, that Giannis Petridis just because the concept itself (substance) and value content of what is called (still. ..) radio needs him ... Does not have or will not have, of course, as I imagine, any problem.

A PERSON who already "counts" in the latest era of the country as part and piece of reference (I know, I know .. the time ends..) what the hell ? DO I need to write it here too? The issue is not Petridis. The problem is all of us who we see every day being robbed, because some Robbed us (as they say) in the  first place ... Two in one that is ... and this 'robbery' is much more decisive than the first one. Don't you think ...?

PS: Of course I will hear the broadcast today, Monday ... from 4 to 5 ... It's about two decades I haven't done so ... But you know what? I feel within that I haven't miss even one day and the inside always counts. See ya...

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