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Gorillaz @ Glastonbury: 2nd correspondence

How were the Gorillaz? Who went on stage with them? Did Radiohead appear as special guests on Park Stage? What are the highlights from yesterday evening? What do we expect now?
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The Glastonbury Festival 2010 actually started yesterday as all stages opened and of course with there was a big appearance of Gorillaz, who closed the evening. How were they really the Gorillaz? Who went on stage with them? Did Radiohead appear as special guests on Park Stage? What are the highlights of yesterday evening? What do we expect now?

All of course will be answered below as our correspondent Michael Lambrinos (poromenos) has just brought the whole atmosphere of yesterday's evening at the Glastonbury Festival. I would be a liar if I were to tell you that I wasn't jealous at all...

Starting by Thursday, when we saw some first concerts by smaller names such as Sean Rawley, Jaymo & Andy George, Dave Seaman, etc. Nothing incredible. On a hill in fact, organizers staged a massive sign that said "GLASTONBURY 40 YEARS", similar to the famous one found in Hollywood.

25.06 Friday: uplifting  Dizzee Rascal - appeared as a special guest Thom Yorke

FlorenceandtheMachine On Friday all the stages opened and the Festival got on truck for real. Then again when you have the Flaming Lips, Gorillaz, Vampire Weekend, Dizzee Rascal, Black Keys, Groove Armada, The Stranglers, The XX, Broken Bells, Fatboy Slim, and more than 100 names to see in all stages, what should one prefer?

Let's see what our editor has followed and what he has heard about the other gigs. By mid-day he was found in the Other Stage to hear La Roux. La Roux were good, but probably not suited for that hour. It would be better to hear them at night.

Following La Roux he went to the main stage, the Pyramid Stage, where Vampire Weekend went up at 18:30, one of the very good and interesting new names in New York, who of course sound more like British band. The Vampire Weekend played for 1 hour 15 minutes, most songs from their 2 albums with the "Oxford Comma", "A-Punk", "Cousins" and "Diplomat's Son" standing out. Very strong live with great mood, energy and enthusiasm ... I wonder if any member of the Clash saw them since they are said to be their "children".

Right from the Other Stage, he went on to Park Stage, whose curator is Emily Eavis, the youngest daughter of Glastonbury´s first organizer and owner of the farm Worthy, Michael Eavis. There, before Broken Bells and the XX, there would be some special guests. There were lots of rumors about the appearance of Radiohead there. That was actually close since Thom Yorke appeared on stage, playing songs from 'the Eraser' and his latest singles.

Moving on to Pyramid Stage and at 8 PM Dizzee Rascal showed up, who
overall was not anything special, though he managed to bring people up who then danced. One of the two highlights of the night was Florence joining Dizzee (Florence was playing earlier on the Other Stage) and the interpretation of "You Got the Love".

Mediocrity of the Gorillaz


And there we move to Gorillaz  the so to say - headliners of the Festival, or otherwise anti-U2. A few minutes after 22:00, the band appeared in a crowded Pyramid Stage. It was really crowded. The first notes of "Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach", from this year's third album and the appearance of Snoop Dogg through a screen put the public in the Virtual world of Gorillaz. The visuals, large screens and projection of video clips certainly have created a pretty good show.

Along with the band appeared on stage Lou Reed on "Some Kind of Nature", Mark Smith for "Glitter Freeze" and Mos Def for the "Sweepstakes" and "Stylo". During the last one there was a halo as you understand ... Damon Albarn was enthusiastic and constantly trying to move people, either by singing or by playing the piano.

But generally there was no similar response by the crowd. The public did not seem to know most of the songs of Gorillaz. Thus, although exceptions were the "Stylo" and encore, there was a numb atmosphere. As for the encore: "Feel good Inc" and "Clint Eastwood" by Damon Albarn and Snoop Dogg gave a rythm to the people closing all nicely the evening.


  • Glastonbury said that the Arctic Monkeys came to attend the Festival and even went to see the Black Keys.
  • Today Saturday rumored that David Bowie and The Strokes would appear as guests!!!
  • Finally, the current appearance of the Scissor Sisters, is rumored to be accompanied by Kylie Minogue so as to sing a song with them.
This year, it's the Glastonbury Festival 40 years anniversary, so we expect similar surprises ... See you tomorrow to tell you about the appearance of Muse, The XX (play four times during the Festival in other stages) and other leftovers.

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