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Rockwave 2010 Day 1 (Aviv Geffen, Κ. Beta, Transistor)

Rockwave 2010 First Act. Review, photos and videos from  K Beta, Transistor and Aviv Geffen.
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Rockwave 2010 Act One . As I said yesterday, the festival this year had very little rock, since the hard rock - metal moved to Sonisphere (logical) and alternative rock was not preferred. In addition to that one has to remember  last year's bad publicity with the rain problems and the cancelations plus the  economic crisis this year, thus you have a not-so-good mixture.

Nevertheless, the planning of the first day of Rockwave Festival 2010 was fine. The area of Terra Vibe is  better each time as more and new things are added to show that Didi invests properly in it. The organization was therefore good, Terra Vibe better, impressions of the bands pretty good overall, people had a good time. Did I say people? Where is the people? I ask.

Let's take things from the beginning.

The photos belong to Joan Boumis

Wednesday, July 17

17:05 : I wanted to be in Terra Vibe early so as to see Transistor. We said we would do full story ... The setlist included some famous songs from "Things you miss when you blink", but most time was given for the new songs of the band. Apart from the "Divine",  first heard
was "Baby Douglas" (or at least sounded like it), which was dedicated to the most beautiful woman in the world (who  is probably too young to understand the dedication) and made a pretty good impression. You can hear it in the following video.

The group had once again a very good appearance - Excellent all round sound and I think the addition of the saxophone by Michael Kraounakis of Mother Whale Blind, highlighted even more the sound of Transistor. You may have used to hearing the saxophone in jazz, blues, etc., but it can fit amazingly in a  rock band. Following a 45-minute, people found in Terra Vibe was full of  sweat from the sun that was on them, but I do not think they regretted being there early. Slowly and very steadily, the group takes one more step further closer to the "dream"...

Kbhta@Rockwave2010 18.04 : The program is strictly followed and right on time K Beta went up on stage. The sun began to get down a bit and K. Beta confessed  that "never, will never become your friend ..." (Nice performance). The "13", "whole thing ever", "Breeze", "mark" created a good setlist with "Wave"  fitting perfectly to the moto of the  Rockwave "The Wave is back". The sound, unfortunately was not good, to some extent, and the voice was not heard clearly. But it was the only blemish on the sound of all the evening.

As for K Beta, no need to mention how great and brilliant musician he is. Of course, do not expect that a 45-minute appearance in a festival at 6 pm can be compared to an integrated appearance.


19.20 : After having played games with Jose Cuervo with pieces of an image, Aviv Geffen goes on stage with Blackfield to enter the atmosphere slowly, slowly. Nice appearance of semi-naked (Tel) Aviv, did not impress me much. Highlights the "Miss u" and "Pain" of Blackfield. Forty minutes and we are off to Faithless.

Wait for Faithless in our new article in very little while ...

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