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Rockwave 2010 Day 1: Faithless

Time close at 20:30 and many of us expect the concert of the night! It was the third time that I saw Maxi Jazz dancing in his classic white jacket and pants ...
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MaxiJazz Who : The Faithless
Where : the Terra Vibe
Organization : Fine
Sound : Good
World : Perhaps the least that I've seen in Rockwave Festival. There were people but not like the old days ...
started : 8:30 PM
We said goodbye : at 9:30 PM
played :

Intro - Happy ( video ),
Sun to me ( video ) ,
God is a dj,
Feel me (with Harry Callier),
Crazy Bal'heads,
Mass Destruction,
Not going home ,
Insomnia ( video ) ,
Comin around ,
All races,
Tweak your nipple,
Muhammed Ali,

We Come One ( video ),

The time was approaching 20:30 and many of us anticipated the concert of the evening! It was the third time that I saw Maxi Jazz dancing in his classic white jacket and pants and Sister Bliss to do her own tricks on the decks. It was the third time I've shed lots of kilos of sweat dancing to songs, which grew in the 90s.

Was the third time that their new songs seemed to me so much like their old, which I loved. It was the third time shivering in the dawn of "Insomnia". It was the third time I picked up my finger and screamed "ONE", after "We Come" with Maxi Jazz.


The appearance of Faithless started with the bonus track "Happy" of this year's their album "The Dance". At that time I thought that the Terra Vibe would be too crowded. And yet ...  From the first time (as Rockwave) in Freatida from all those days I had gone (I hadn't gone to all), I think yesterday was one of the less crowded.

20.50 : Yes, the people were less, but they would not stop dancing. Moreover, God is a dj. Many of us yesterday at the Terra Vibe who grew up in the 90s and those younger, followed the pace ...

Maxi Jazz appears that carries lots of years, but this man not having been very good in vocal skills, has created his own expression during the songs.


The whole set was of course the classic "songs": Insomnia, God is a dj, We Come One, but also had new songs of  "The Dance", which people like. In some places the band rocked out a little more, as in the implementation of "Mass Destruction". Sister Bliss without changing the pieces, put her own touche. Harry Callier who sang "Feel me" seems like a good kid with good upbringing and nice voice ...

21.30 :
English in their program  Faithless closed the concert with We come one. Fingers up, the song belongs to us, we are the first and not the politicians, Peace my friends ..


I wonder, was it equally good, the appearance of the Black Eyed Peas ?
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