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Ireon Festival in Samos with Stereo MCs!

Being student in Samos and seeing a few concerts by Greek names, one can not believe that last year the Stranglers played on the island and this year the Stereo MCs come!!!
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Being a student in Samos and seeing the past years very few Greek names concerts during the season, you can not believe that last year played Stranglers on the island and this year  Stereo MCs will!!!

How great to combine a few days of holiday in a so beautiful and green island, the island of Samos, and also to see Stereo MCs, Babis Stokas, Paul Pavlidis, Fotonovela , etc. Ireon Music Festival gentlemen with very low fares in a beautiful village (Iraio), which is the temple of Hera and close to the Pythagorean and near airport ...

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What is
Is the biggest weekend music festival in the Aegean held every summer (usually August) in Ireon of Samos. The musical range extends to all areas of rock, alternative, electronic, ethnic, reggae, and pop music scene, combining big foreign names with the elite of Greek artists, as well as the most promising Greek patterns. Focus is also given in the presence of local youth groups.

Where is;
Ireon of Samos in the southeast of the island. It is a picturesque seaside resort village of great archaeological importance is the Pythagorean, the birthplace of our great philosopher Pythagoras.

It is just few kilometers from the airport and about 20 minutes from the capital and the port of Samos, Vathi.

The Heraion is known for its ancient temple of Hera, one of the largest churches in the area of Greece. The festival takes place in a specially designed open space, almost on the beach Heraion a few hundred meters from the archaeological site, landscape really impressive if we add the moon.


* More than 6,000 people of all ages overwhelms Iraion and three days of the festival.

* The very low fares. Features to note that in 2009 the price of the weekend (Stranglers, Locomondo, Imiskoumbria, Cyanna, Nigma, Valkyries) was only 20 Euros, and admission is free for children up to age 14 years.

* The Stranglers more formally expressed their admiration for the Party and the organization in the Greek and foreign media!

* The special shirts with the program and logo Festival are blown away each year!

* The Ireon music festival ranks among the top three in Greece in accordance with foreign websites specializing in themes for festivals.

* Very big and famous actors are expected to attend this year there, the festival coincides with the filming of the much-acclaimed Hollywood film overproduction," Pythagoras: The Gates of Light '.

* The initial Ireon Music Festival (IMF) is the same as the International Monetary Fund (IMF-International Monetary Fund)!

How can you learn and see more?

- From the official website
- From the official group on facebook:
Search by name: Ireon rock festival
- from myspace

Who organizes?
Pythagoras The cultural
non-profit association of Heraion. The organization of the festival is based purely on the voluntary participation of people with love for music and the island. This is a unique move .

It is important the help not only by peopleof the island (like Samos Prefecture, the Municipality of Pythagorion, etc.) but also the participation of ordinary tourists who crowd the area every year.

His story.
Started timidly in 2004 as Ireon Rock Festival and continued at a more intense pace until 2008. Last year, renamed Ireon Music Festival and the breadth of musical preferences opened considerably and the word rock was too short to describe all those great artists who have appeared and appear live on this great celebration of music.

Which artists have already appeared there?

The list is growing. Indicatively mention the names of the legendary Stranglers 'golden brown' and 'always the sun', the kings of reggae Aswad, the Blue, Locomondo, Mikro, Matisse, Cyanna, F. Pliatsikas D. Korgialas & Eurydice, Imiskoubria, Raining pleasure, Tide, Marsheaux and many others.


Presale for three days: 20 Euros (Until  August 5) - 30 Euros in entrance
Price per day: ( Only at the entrance of the  FESTIVAL)
10 Euros- 7 AUG
10 Εuros- 8 AUG
20 Εuros- 9 AUG

Sale points:

ON LINE  www.ticketarena.gr


Τel for reservations:
or via e-mail