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Rockwave 2010 Day 3: Massive Attack

Because of the World Cup, Massive Attack went on Terra Stage at 19:32 with the sounds of "United Snakes" and brought their music to us. Behind them there was the classic elongated video wall ...
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The photos belong to Anna Evangelopoulou

: Massive Attack

Where : Terra Vibe
Organization : Fine
Sound : Good
People : More than all the days of the Festival. At 8:30 PM after Gogol Bordello, some left for the Vibe Stage.
started : at 7:32 PM
We said goodbye : at 8:55 PM
What was played :

MartinaTopley-Bird United Snakes ( video ),
Babel (with Martina Topley-Bird) ,
Girl I love you (with Horace Andy),
Future Proof ( video - awesome finish),
Teardrop ,
Mezzanine (very rock performance - on the video wall there were the Greek words "Blade", "carved," "Worse to come"),
Angel ( video - with Horace Andy) ,
Safe from harm,
Inertia Creeps ( video - with many slogans in Greek in the video wall) ,
Splitting the Atom (with Horace Andy) ,

Unfinished Sympathy ( video ).

The choice of names to fill the last day of Rockwave Festival had positive and negative elements. First, since yesterday most people
than each day of the festival gathered, so the key names achieved their goal. On the other hand, if you ask most of those who were yesterday at Terra Vibe about what was the best show of the evening they would tell you either Ska-P or Gogol Bordello.

On the other hand, Massive Attack offered primarily to listen to them and less to dance to their music. Not that one couldn't  sway to the rhythm, but it's not like you can lift dust from the blow ...

DaddyG The duo from Bristol is one of the most influential bands of the past two decades, even though some say they are now in decline. Allow me to disagree with them ... Yesterday was the third time that I saw the Massive Attack and the first that I watched them during the day. Still, the first time you see a band (if good), remains indelible in your memory. So hard to say that I liked yesterday more than their appearance in Lycabettus Hill several years ago, but I can easily tell you that yesterday was a very good set.

Because of the World Cup, Massive Attack went on Terra Stage at 19:32 with the sounds of "United Snakes" to put us into their music. Behind them there was the classic elongated video wall, the same with the one that was at Karaiskaki Stadium in their solo appearance. It is a well-known fact that they both look for alternative ways to communicate their messages. If you go back to 2003 and their two concerts at Lycabettus you may remember the video wall that showed in addition to the messages for the environment, politics, etc. Messages from friends of the band from the country where the live performance would take place. From then until today, they are trying in various ways to convince us to have an opinion, so that we should have a say in what's going on...

That's what they did yesterday with several messages in English and in Greek! Weird, huh? "worse to come" said the video wall...

MassiveAttack Where the concert was dedicated

During the 1.5 hours it was obvious the emotion of both Massive Attack for the loss of one of their own people, who was in the band for years. Indeed, when
Horace Andy came on stage for the first time in "Girl I love you", we were told that the concert is dedicated to this man (we have not yet found who he was).

As expected at the beginning all songs were from Heligoland, even though we have not heard the "Paradise Circus".
Many groups choose at the top to play songs from their new album, to let the old - known for the end.

The moments that stand out

I love it when
Massive pull their pieces and Rock to some extent. So, I prefered the implementation of "Future Proof", which has an incredible ending, the "Mezzanine", which I saw live for the first time. The performance of the latter was more rock! By "Inertia Creeps" I traveled to the music, which are in the colors of Africa as in every concert, and it is not possible to forget songs with which you grew up such as "Unfinished Sympathy" & "Safe from harm".



Moderate response of the world, who was trying to get used to seeing the music of Massive Attack at day time and of course among them there were many who had come especially for the Ska-P and Gogol Bordello.

The finale

At 20:55 the 3D & Daddy G said goodbye with Unfinished Sympathy. Unfortunately, there was no encore so they played a total of 13 songs, and a few days ago on July 9th they played 3 more songs in Switzerland. I do not know if it is the time of the gig to blame, or the death of their loved one, but I feel that something was left unfulfilled in the end ... A "Karmacoma" maybe...

Review for the views of Ska-P , Gogol Bordello & John Angelakas soon ...

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